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True cloud VPS in Australia from $5/mo for 512MB RAM, 100GB b/w - Page 3
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True cloud VPS in Australia from $5/mo for 512MB RAM, 100GB b/w



  • Please add PayPal as payment method

  • just wanted to drop a note and say i've been testing out this service for about an month and its pretty reliable thus far. they were prompt to fix some routing issues between them and RansomIT.

  • OliverOliver Member, Host Rep

    @ctalkington were those issues to my Adelaide or Sydney location out of interest? I wasn't aware of it so am I right to assume the issue was not at my 'end'?


  • @Oliver both IPv6 only, they filed a ticket upstream (VOCUS I believe) and worked it out pretty quick.

  • OliverOliver Member, Host Rep

    OK, thanks.

    VOCUS have had an IPv6 routing issue domestically as well before which another customer alerted me to but once my upstream provider notified them they resolved it pretty quickly.

  • @Oliver yah, total turnaround was within 24 hours of report to Binary Lane. I figured if they couldn't get it figured out I'd let you know. Was just a matter of routes not existing, guessing some internal clash on VOCUS end.

  • WilliamWilliam Member

    Possibly filtering smaller than /48 wrongly.

  • The site looks great except those roads at the bottom IMO. Very nice design @BinaryLane.

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