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Does everyone make tickets frequently with their VPS providers? - Page 2
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Does everyone make tickets frequently with their VPS providers?



  • To tie this off, in fairness to marcm, I did get a response today, to just ignore it. The autosuspends are disabled according to his message. We'll see what else happens.....

    My putting the extra $10 on there and it showing $10 past due immediately after it took my paypal stuff is still grinding my gears.

  • Most of my tickets are within the first few days of a service, trying to get things set up, once I've got things up and running, almost never.

  • @HardCloud said:
    You're actually pretty lucky you chose today to argue about this... [/foreshadow]

    I see the quality of your posts seems to be equally terrible as that alleged "other person" too

  • @HardCloud said:
    Our customers open hundreds of tickets and expect their $3 LET special to be fully managed... that's one of the many reasons we gave up advertising on LET.

    I'm very guilty of this. I think I've opened more tickets with you guys than all my other services added together!

  • I've only had to submit one ticket in the past to my VPS provider (I put in my password incorrectly more than 3 times so I was blocked out of my own server)

  • Like some people here, I only open tickets when the issue can't be resolved on my side.

  • I do it to annoy the provider with my endless chatter about my day. I figure they have nothing better to do then listen to how my doctor's visit went, or how much my dog pooped in the yard.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    AnthonySmith said: I get around 5 tickets p/day on avg

    4.13 AM in only one billing panel:
    New Tickets

    Client Replies

    Staff Replies

    Tickets Without Reply

    Average First Response
    0.43 Hours

    Now one regular full day, same panel:
    New Tickets

    Client Replies

    Staff Replies

    Tickets Without Reply

    Average First Response
    1.91 Hours

    The other billing panel is yielding some 1/3 of this one's total.

  • People need to create more tickets. Don't hold back.

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