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How do you name your servers?
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How do you name your servers?

I dont quite like using server1 server2 server3...

Any ideas?



  • JamesFJamesF Member, Host Rep
    edited April 15 e.g. or

  • themewthemew Member

    Names of imaginary girlfriends?

  • I considered naming them by alpha-1 if I just got one.
    If it was a set of 3, then delta-1, delta-2, delta-3

    But this seems so, lame?

  • You can name them based on the providers name, or simply a number, or something from your favourite series/book/movie/whatever, ...

  • geographical features in the surrounding area or according to hunting terminology

  • LeviLevi Member


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  • Short words that are easy to remember (for me).

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  • SinVSinV Member, Host Rep

    My personal servers are named after anime characters.
    For business, I've started naming them city_abbreviation+incremental_server_number.domain.tld

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  • oh I know, just use the usernames of LET community

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  • apricotwtfapricotwtf Member
    edited April 15

    <location of server><server number>.<country code>.nodes.<your company domain> is what I use for my server naming scheme.
    For example, if I owned and I had a location in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I would use the following: - this is just me though lol.

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  • CybrCybr Member

    Country code + number

  • bgerardbgerard Member

    (3 letter abbreviation ^)-n

    ^ whatever makes sense for the location, could be an entire country or city within a country e.g: lon, nyc, hel
    n = sever count e.g: 01, 02, etc

    It's not super precise but enough for me

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    @SodaWithoutSparkles said:
    I considered naming them by alpha-1 if I just got one.
    If it was a set of 3, then delta-1, delta-2, delta-3

    But this seems so, lame?

    If you're out of ideas, check out Naming Schemes :smiley:

  • Carlin0Carlin0 Member

    Name of the city or state in which it is located

  • zGatozGato Member
    edited April 15


  • DartNodeDartNode Member, Patron Provider

    If you want to get creative - name them after something the area they're located in is known for.


    Houston -
    Poland -
    Germany -
    China -
    Colombia - (or their other famous export)
    Singapore -
    NYC -
    LA - (had to, sorry)
    Seattle -
    London -
    Canada -
    Chicago -

  • Women names.

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    vps0 - vps9: paid VPS with dedicated IPv4.
    box0- box9: either free VPS, or paid VPS without dedicated IPv4.
    ixp0 - ixp9: BGP enabled VPS.

    When I run out of hostnames, I am disallowed from obtaining more servers.

  • eriseris Member

  • eriseris Member

    In the past it was transformer names when I worked at an company..

  • longkatlongkat Member

    I use greek/roman mythological characters based on the function of that box when I can. a random one when I don't want to name a another server Hermes. but my servers are all personal use. A location based naming scheme would probably be better for business use.

  • PorlamPorlam Member

    nearest airport

  • Usually I'll either name them by location, (DE1, NY1), or by function, (VPN, DNS), but I also tend to use descriptive names like Grunt and CentCom for big instances

  • lorianlorian Member

    Elements/Periodic table.
    Just reinstalled radium and strontium...

  • rcy026rcy026 Member

    I use, like and etc.
    I also always use cnames for every service, so is a cname for, is a cname for and so on. Makes it much easier to move a service to a new server, just redirect the cname.

    Also, all the servers are under since that never shows anyway, while the services uses .com, .se, .org or whatever I see fit. I have way to many domains. :smile:

  • YassGamesYassGames Member
    edited April 15

    company-location#(enumartion for duplicates)-

    v(irtual core count)#d(edicated core count)#(gigs of ram)-

    (nvmedisksize)[g/t#(secondary disk size)]-

    (bandwidth in tb)[d(dos protedcted by network)]-

    (speed in g or labeled)[u(nlimited)#(at new rate if slower)-


    [y](early cost)


    Handful of my current hosts.

  • zack666zack666 Member


  • ErisaErisa Member

    First English word that comes to mind when thinking about the servers region, spec and purpose. Some of them are bad puns, some of them are just pain weird.

    Exceptions are made for servers I care very little about, usually because they are free and/or rarely used. These will be assigned generic names not matching the pattern with little thought put in e.g. ovh-hil or oracle-arm

  • PureVoltagePureVoltage Member, Patron Provider

    When you habe tens of thousands of servers you have to name them smart.

    Rack name ru location.
    Example G-21,RU-46 and then before it cage or suite name as well.

    Makes life easier for everyone and even more for staff.

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