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hostEONS - Free VPS - 9 DC Locations - US & EU - 10G Port - Intel/Ryzen - KVM/OVZ - VPS & VDS/Hybrid
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hostEONS - Free VPS - 9 DC Locations - US & EU - 10G Port - Intel/Ryzen - KVM/OVZ - VPS & VDS/Hybrid

HostEONSHostEONS Member, Patron Provider

KVM and OpenVZ VPS in 9 Datacentres Across US And Europe:

In business since early 2018

Why use slow 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps VPS when you can get 10 Gbps based VPS ?

We at offers all kind of VPS

  • Intel Xeon based KVM VPS
  • Ryzen Based KVM VPS
  • OpenVZ VPS
  • Ryzen 7950x Based VDS / Hybrid Servers

US and EU Intel XEON KVM VPS Starting at less than $2/mo

US Order link:

EU Order Link:

US KVM VPS Are Powered by Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 or similar and RAID 10 SSD Drives
EU KVPS VPS Are Powered by Intel Xeon Gold 6142 and NVME RAID

Ryzen KVM VPS with NVME Drives starting at just $2/mo

Order Link:

Ryzen KVM VPS are powered by Ryzen 5950x and NVME Drives in all locations except for SLC
In SLC it's a mix of 3950x and 5950x based VPS Nodes

Intel OpenVZ VPS with RAID10 SSD Drives starting at less than $1.5/mo

Order link:


Starting at just $7 per month - Choice of multiple locations -

  • Salt Lake City
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas

Order Link:

How to Get FREE VPS FOR 1 YEAR ?


1) What Mode of payment do you accept ?
A - Credit Card, PayPal, All Major Crypto Currencies, AliPay, OXXO Mexico, Boleto Brazil, Union Pay, etc..

2) Which Datacentre Do you use ?
A - EQUINIX in all location except for SLC2, in SLC2 we are hosted with FiberState

3) Since when are you providing hosting services ?
A - Hosteons has been in business since Early 2018 though the founder has been into hosting business since 2003

4) Can I use VDS For QUBIC Mining or Crypto Mining or AI Mining or Blockchain mining ?
A - NO

5) How long for VPS Activation ?
A - All VPS and VDS are setup instantly unless sometimes it's a bulk order or if a windows VPS is ordered and if the password is not as per Windows requirement then in such cases VPS is setup manually within few hours. With bulk orders some of the VPS may not be setup as WHMCS and VPS control panel times out during bulk VPS setup, so some VPS may not be setup automatically

6) Do you provide FREE backup or Snapshot ?
A - Yes manual backup/snapshot is now free and it's stored in a remote server, we even offer monthly, weekly and daily backup for very minimal charges, you will get the option to add it in the order form.

7) Are the FREE upgrades recurring ?
A - Yes these lifetime upgrades, as long as you keep renewing your VPS you can use these FREE upgrades

8) Custom VPS or VDS ?
A - Yes you can customise your VPS in the order form like adding extra ram or disk space or bandwidht, but with VDS sorry we don't allow customisation due to the way in which packages are designed

9) Untill when are you going to run the promos or offer free VPS mentioned in this post?
A - As long as there are enough comments coming in, we will keep giving out FREE VPS every few days to random users who posts a MEME or Comment in the post.

10) Which VPS control panel do you use ?
A - Virtualizor

11) More queries ?
A - Just ask :smile:

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