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【1keydd devdeskos】how install a minecraft bedrock server in your arm linux machine
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【1keydd devdeskos】how install a minecraft bedrock server in your arm linux machine

minlearnminlearn Member
edited June 29 in Tutorials

截屏2023-06-29 14.58.17.png
(this is a demo installed on a oracle free-tier Ampere arm instance using box64 emulator)

  • it utilizes only 2%-3% of a single cpu core
  • and just 500m-600m memory for loading res like: gamelogic and map obstacle data,etc ..

tutorial steps:

1, inst devdeskos,

this is a pve re-dist (you can see in the pic above it has more cleaner ui view than official dist)

the reason why not choose other linux dist is that:

  • devdeskos has modules to support box64 later to use
  • and that pve has lxc mechanism in a more reasonable way than docker in sense of "vm" other than just a "box container"
  • and that pve hold apps in behavior way like a phone does to mobile app
wget -qO-|bash
type to choose option 2 to install devdeskos

after script finished running and machine reboots, forward to http://ip:80 to view the novnc
after whole installation process done,forward to https://ip:8006 to login to pve with root/1keydd
then, start inbuilt lxc container 1010101,again use root/1keydd to login in

(below cmds run under /root)
apt-get update,apt-get install binfmt-support unzip gpg
wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/box64.list
wget -qO- | gpg --dearmor -o /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/box64-debs-archive-keyring.gpg
apt update && apt install box64-generic-arm

2,setup and run

still under /root dir

nohup box64 ./bedrock_server &

type netstat -nau to check if udp port 19132 get opened like demo pics Illustrated

3, expose gameservice

in pve host os, type "pvesetnadd add" command to add a iptable rule,to forward lxc container 1010101 game port service 19132 to host 19132 udp

4,get a gameclient

look for a same version minecraft client + loader in the pc
or buy a mobile client in the appstore
to connect to pve host 19132 game service

so star to bookmark devdeskos project on github?


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