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Looking for an autoscaling container service
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Looking for an autoscaling container service

fartfart Member

This request is perhaps a bit against the grain of this forum, which specializes in servers, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

So, I'm looking to host a container-based application, which I expect would have a spiky traffic pattern, and therefore I'm looking for a service which can automatically scale up containers based on the volume of HTTP requests, or alternatively, CPU and memory usage.

Typically I'd use HorizontalPodAutoscaler in Kubernetes, but I'd rather leave the sysadmin tasks to a service provider for this project.

The service can be in any location, as long as there's an AWS or GCP region nearby with < 10ms latency.

I've already excluded AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Run from the list - the containers need to be active for some time once a request has been handled, as I need to perform asynchronous processes in the background once a request has been handled. AWS's own container service, Elastic Container Service also seems to be a no-go since they charge $16 for a tiny container with half a vCPU and 512 MB RAM, and I think there may be cheaper services out there.


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