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How low can you go



  • I'd actually be crazy enough to try to run wordpress in 8MB or 16MB :D

  • Let me fix my test server and I'll throw WP on a 16mb VPS just to see how/if it works.

  • I don't think 16MB will be enough for WP. MySQL is going to be a problem, I think. If you cache super-aggressively, it might be possible, though.

  • I have 128MB for testing. Haven't thought of every going any lower than that.


    It's using the vswap, but it works! I'll add a status page to the top links.

  • NickMNickM Member
    edited September 2011

    Well, comments seem to take 45s+ to post, and trying to post a second comment, I got a 502. But nicely done! -1 for using vswap though

  • my 1mbps upload was maxed out, which was causing most of the slowness. The 502 was from me messing with it.

  • I'm happy to document the process of setting up a super low end server and can even work on a script (I've developed a few in the past:

  • Lowest i ever got is the 128MB from BuyVM

  • Well, I did manage to get wordpress on a 8MB OpenVZ VPS, but only with 32MB vSwap :P

    @NickM MySQL isn't much of a problem, however PHP is :(

    @dmmcintyre3 Nice job getting that running in such little RAM/SWAP :)

  • I've recently canceled my QuickWeb account, there were more than 12 hours downtime for one week. This was my 2nd month, the first one was ok

  • I think the baseline for a lowend VPS should be determined by the minimal amount of memory required for a functional OS -- including updates. There's no sense having a VPS that can't be maintained.

    So for example, what's the absolute minimal memory required to run apt-get on a barebones system? I know it works fine on my Hostigation 64MB/96MB (oomguarpages/privvmpages) but how much lower is possible?

    Wordpress is a memory hog, just forget it. What's needed is a lightweight blog designed to use minimal memory ;)

  • I created another 16mb VPS with 32mb vswap, and it ran yum -y update without issues, but there was no packages to update.

  • @sleddog, 16mb, seems:

    I think that the minimum necessary memory, with the chance to ssh it and spawn a shell, is 24mb +32mb burstable (maybe the burstable mem can be reduced to 24mb).

    24mb to manage the daemons (www, inted, php) and spawn a shell, the burstable mem to use system tools on the vps if needed.

  • japonjapon Member
    edited September 2011

    Wordpress is a memory hog, just forget it. What's needed is a lightweight blog designed to use minimal memory ;)

    How about Serendipity?

    For small linux you could use MicroCoreLinux. It runs in 28MB RAM completely. It has BusyBox but can be replaced with GNU versions.

  • japon said: For small linux you could use MicroCoreLinux. It runs in 28MB RAM completely. It has BusyBox but can be replaced with GNU versions.

    Debian can run in 2 MB, easy.

  • Debian can run in 2 MB, easy.

    Without and usage, of course. But you should be able to administrate (update and use core-functions) it.

  • sleddogsleddog Member
    edited September 2011

    I kinda think we should stick with a distro that is readily available & proven on OpenVZ. For minimal memory usage I think that would be Debian (from my experience).

    In my own limited testing, "apt-get upgrade" on Debian 6 consumes 15MB of oomguarpages and also 15MB of privvmpages -- without downloading/installing any packages (no updates available).

    A minimal set of daemons to provide full 'functionality' might include: cron, syslogd, dropbear, exim4, nginx and php-fpm, and will consume ~12MB oomguarpages & 18MB privvmpages.

    Which brings us up to ~ 27MB oomguarpages & 33 MB privvmpages.

    Then I think we need to add a little more for stuff like an SFTP connection or log rotation, say 1 MB.

    So with a bit of rounding-up to be comfortable :) lets say 30MB oomguarpages & 40 MB privvmpages as a minimum for a fully-functional OS with a dynamic PHP-driven site.

    That's under 32MB, right KuJoe? :)

  • We moved our clients from wp to Serendipity a few years back with some very happy results once we got over the initial bumps and some issues.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I really liked the community project idea so instead of my previous offer, if anybody wants to step up as a lead or project manager let me know and I'll go over the specifics with you regarding the VPS and you can start adding user accounts to the server. I'll even setup the host node to do hourly backups in the event somebody decides to screw around. :)

    I think it would only make sense to start with a fairly low dedicated RAM number with a fairly high burst RAM number and see how much we can scale it back (to allow for initial installs and such), how does that sound?

  • So we'd all share one box? Not sure about if that would work...

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I was referring to the idea @Xeoncross posted. If nobody else likes that idea then I'll go with the individual VPS idea.

  • I don't get what is the idea. Setting uber-minimal VPS's in one of the Kujoe's machines for us?

  • maxexcloomaxexcloo Member
    edited September 2011

    KuJoe said: I was referring to the idea @Xeoncross posted. If nobody else likes that idea then I'll go with the individual VPS idea.

    Either idea could work :)

    The problem with a few members doing it together is the lack of communication/understanding of each change...

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I see your point...

  • Could be a very nice project... So sad I can't participate the project that much due to a lack of knowledge in "low end optimisation"... I'm happy that I can keep my 128MB Box running nginx and MySQL...

    Best regards

  • marrcomarrco Member
    edited September 2011

    just a crazy idea, why not starting @ 96MB (plenty to start, setup and tune your web) and every day you take a few K away, so in one week you have 72, after one more week 58 and after 3 weeks just 44. One month could lead to mini VPS with just 36MB but i doubt many will have their box running that long.

  • XeoncrossXeoncross Member
    edited September 2011

    @KuJoe like I mentioned, each person that made a change would have to record it in a screencast. That way everyone could learn from the tutorials - and the other team members would know what had changed. Each person would be given a day they could work on the box so that two people didn't work on it during the same day.

    It would be a way that we could leverage eveyone's collective knowledge about optimization.

    However, I'm afraid I can't step up as the project lead since I'm too involved in so many other projects. Then again, someone with better server knowledge would be better suited anyway.

  • It's not rocket science to deploy a VPS with an OS using minimal memory. You can (for example) install Debian, shutdown all non-essential services, install a few low-memory alternatives like dropbear (and syslogd instead of rsyslog) and have a basic system up and running in a few MBs.

    Than you can add nginx and php-fpm and consume just a few more MBs. No problem.

    The difficulty comes with userland applications. Wordpress and most other mainstream blogging or CMS applications suck memory like crazy. If there was a truly "low-end" blog designed from scratch to run in a low-memory environment, then that would be the answer. But there isn't. That, IMHO, is the big issue.

  • kylixkylix Member
    edited September 2011

    Again, there is: s9y+SQLite. Perfect.

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