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Reverse proxy closer to visitors or closer to services?
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Reverse proxy closer to visitors or closer to services?

jamzjamz Member


Quick question, which scenario would lead to better response times for end users: reverse proxy server closer to visitors or closer to the services it is proxying? Currently, my reverse proxy is on the West Coast while my main server is all the way in Germany. Would moving the proxy server to Germany yield better response times for users back on the West Coast? Maybe somewhere in the middle (e.g. NY) would be best?

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  • closer to visitors. enable cache for overall better experiences.

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  • It depends. If your website contains a lot of static files, then choosing one closer to visitors may be a better option. Otherwise, the former or the latter may just be the same.

  • ralfralf Member

    I guess it depends! If you users really are always in the US, then there's no harm having the proxy there. But if any of your users are ever in Europe, they'll see a pointless extra roundtrip to the US, so their latency is going to be terrible.

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