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Who are your favorite providers that you've used for 3+ years?
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Who are your favorite providers that you've used for 3+ years?

monkmonk Member

I've been getting back into messing with vps's lately and am curious to learn what providers that've been around a while stand out to long term customers and what they've done to stand out.

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  • top provider on LET, very fast and professional service.

    Thanked by 2monk maverick
  • @PHP_Friends is my go to.

    Thanked by 3monk maverick pike
  • @hosthatch has been flawless, @Francisco's BuyVM is really good but always out of stock when you need it.
    For small NAT vps's @Abd's and Webhorizon has never failed me.

    Thanked by 2maverick Abd
  • When I am made to choose my favourite, mine is

    No complaints and no down time and support service is too friendly.

    I have been using them since 5 years

  • dosaidosai Member

    I have only hosthatch running for close to 3 years now. I'm happy and satisfied.

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  • tomletomle Member, LIR

    Hosthatch, been running well. @hosthatch
    RackNerd since BF 2020 so not 3 years yet but also stable. @dustinc
    Virmach from time to time, have had machines, cancelled, ordered new ones. @VirMach

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  • +1

    Thanked by 3maverick monk dedicados
  • @nessa RamNode never let me or my servers down.
    @InceptionHosting thanks for NAT boxes and Spirit

    Thanked by 3nessa maverick monk
  • Also +1 BuyVM. The only other provider I've used for a large amount of time is DigitalOcean and they're not really LE

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • BUYVVM, Freerangecloud, OBHost, Virmach (although they are struggling), Ramnode

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  • LexLex Member
    edited January 16

    hosthatch, their offers/sales services are horrible at support. When they work, they work smooth af.
    But if something breaks? Better find a new service cause it will most likely not get fixed in this lifetime. I have services from them, but I can't really rely on it with peace of mind. As long as it works, I'm a satisfied customer.

    nexusbytes, after one year I abandoned ship asap, they had once incident after another, every time the owner promised better but never delivered. They really lost me when I requested my affiliate credit and it took about 3 months and only got solved when I complained on the forums. In these 3 months they closed my affiliate withdrawal ticket more than once...

    virmach, this is my oldest provider (4 years and counting I think?). Can't say I'm happy af with them, but they are the cheapest and offer decent support. Probably the only one I'd recommend so far.

    racknerd, similar experience as with virmach but I ditched them after a year. Server was top notch the first two months or so, then the CPU performance constantly degraded to the point where my raspberry pi 2 had more computing power than their 3 core intel VPS. I completely understand that abusers can happen, but it's their responsibility to monitor the node and take action, not mine to tap their should and let them know someone is using more cpu than they should. About 6 months of the service the performance was like this, so it was either oversold to oblivion or abused and staff didn't gave a duck about it.

    hetzner cloud, I've used this infrequently for a few months every year since they launched, every time the performance was better or at least equal to the last one, so they're pretty consistent, cheap and good.

    Recently got inceptionhosting and ramnode, so far they are outperforming everything I ever had (inceptionhosting in particular)

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • Hetzner & Netcup

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • nullroutenullroute Member, Host Rep

    I've never been able to stay more than 2 years with a single provider without something happening and me getting really mad. Today I operate my own servers and network in a large data center.

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  • rm_rm_ Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited January 16

    O V H

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • BuyShared -> since april 2019
    LetBox -> since july 2019
    HostHatch -> since september 2019

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • emgemg Member

    @monk said:
    I've been getting back into messing with vps's lately and am curious to learn what providers that've been around a while stand out to long term customers and what they've done to stand out.

    None that are still in business.

    AVOID: Webline Services
    Poor service for high prices. I have been with them longer than 3 years and do NOT recommend them. I will not renew again, and wonder why I kept the VPS a long time.

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • Vultr. Rackspace.

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • Buyvm, since 2012
    Ramnode, since 2013-01
    VPSdime, since 2014-09
    Impactvps, since 2015-03
    Hostus, since 2015-08
    Tragicservers, since 2016-04
    Liteserver, since 2016-09
    Hosthatch, since 2017-11
    Alphavps, since 2017-11

    INIZ is good too. I stopped using it because of the OpenVZ fade out.
    Do, Vultr, Hetzner, Linode, Aliyun all have used for 3+ years. Only using Vultr, Hetzner, Aliyun now.

  • MrHMrH Member

    Virmach (small/null load) / Hetzner

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • ericlsericls Member, Patron Provider

    hetzner for production

    Thanked by 3maverick tjn monk
  • Oh, sorry. I didn't notice this thread before starting mine :)

    Thanked by 1monk
  • Racknerd,

    Disappointed by Virmach and others

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • add_iTadd_iT Member
    edited January 17

    First start became their client on 2013 until 2015
    And then back again since 2020 with their sensational BF deal until now

    Actually became virmach client since 2017
    And i start dislike them from last year, dissapointing since they starting migration to newer hardware and datacenter and planing not to renew my VM this year
    I am kinda like their old colocrossing version they had solid network and uptime but for now just meh, like felt down to the bottom of line for my provider list

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • Hetzner , Buyvm , Linode , Hyonix, OVH

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • Vultr, almost zero issue

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • @FAT32 It's time for Provider Poll 2022 ;)

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  • OVH (dedicated server)
    BUYVM (vps and reseller hosting)
    REBEL HOSTING (dedicated server)
    COLOCROSSING -hudson valley host (vps)

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
  • cioancioan Member

    oneprovider (dedicated server)

    Thanked by 2maverick monk
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