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What is your go-to OS for VPSs and why?
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What is your go-to OS for VPSs and why?

What image are you using for your Linux VPSs? For what applications? Are you using Windows server too?

What is your go-to OS for VPSs and why?
  1. What OS do you use for VPSs usually?189 votes
    1. Ubuntu (Just Werks ™️)
    2. Debian FTW
    3. Arch btw
    4. Exotic (Guix/NixOS)
    5. Others (Centos, RHEL, OpenSUSE, etc)
    6. Windows Server


  • Weekly "What OS to use" thread /here

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  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    No OS, keep the VPS on boot menu, idling away.

  • This pull is stupid ... Where is FreeBSD? In other with Centos ... Also a lot of people on LET use Centos alternatives like AlmaLinux and RockyShit, so pool should have "Centos and alternatives" category

  • kaitkait Member

    Debian because fuck Ubuntu.

    Want to try out OpenSUSE and RockyLinux.

  • harrisonharrison Member
    edited January 15

    @kait said:
    because fuck Ubuntu.


  • Debian servers.
    Some Ubuntu servers.
    Alpine Linux for containers mostly as it's very lightweight.

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  • I use Ubuntu with Livepatch, it works great and I get less downtime.

  • nullroutenullroute Member, Host Rep

    Ubuntu is a complete operating system, practical and very secure, it is ready for production and also for new users because its knowledge base on the internet is huge.
    Debian is for advanced Ubuntu users who know what they are doing - never start on Debian before trying Ubuntu.

    Thanked by 1nick_
  • MannDudeMannDude Member, Patron Provider

    Debian, but I've been using AlmaLinux more and more lately.

    Thanked by 1kait
  • Debian for production/client stuff, Alpine on small memory VPS's, Alma/*BSD for practice.

  • Slackware and yes I am a masochist. Rocky for production.

    Thanked by 1emperor
  • ubuntu. it's prob not the best. but its what I know


  • Debian for 2GB ram or below
    Ubuntu for 4GB ram or above

    Thanked by 1bamboo4409
  • Debian cause that's the answer I got when I asked here.

    Thanked by 1bamboo4409
  • @SocksAreComfortable you wouldn't have that name if you lived in Phoenix 🌵 ☀ 🍻

  • Centos / oracle linux

  • Ubuntu because it has greater compatibility with management panels: Cyberpanel, aaPanel, CloudPanel, WordOPS, etc.

  • @bamboo4409 said:
    @SocksAreComfortable you wouldn't have that name if you lived in Phoenix 🌵 ☀ 🍻

    I dunno, pretty humid where I live, but I just stay the hell inside all day!

    Thanked by 1bamboo4409
  • ailiceailice Member
    edited January 16

    I almost use Alpine Linux for any computer i have including my desktop and phone (postmarketOS)
    My SSH Jumper Running NetBSD 9.1

  • Debian - simple, stable and easy to customize. Does not ruin your shit with SELinux like on RHEL-based systems. I'd rather do my own isolation based on AppArmor than use SEL.

  • crunchbitscrunchbits Member, Patron Provider

    AlmaLinux and Debian. No real strong feelings besides compatibility and reliability. Personal desktop I've been enjoying Mint.

    Thanked by 1Abd
  • Ubuntu

  • mrs92mrs92 Member

    Debian and only debian

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  • TrKTrK Member

    Rocky and Debian only.

  • Debian. Don't know why its what i first used. I like how stable it is, I like how good its documented and I especially like the spiral.

  • eriseris Member

    From experience with an Debian / Ubuntu based Webcontrol panel usage is about 75% Ubuntu / 25% Debian.

    It doesn't help Oracle Cloud is giving away free Ubuntu servers

  • Debian on personal servers, Almalinux on production servers.
    Both usually run KC so I don't care about kernel patches.

  • nick_nick_ Member

    Debian for servers, but I'd like to try Ubuntu as well because I have switched to using it as a desktop.

  • emgemg Member

    Lately my "go to" operating system for VPSs has been Debian. In the past, I split VPSs between CentOS and Debian. I would consider AlmaLinux (or Rocky Linux) if I feel like using a RedHat-family version of Linux on a VPS in the future.

    I haven't used Ubuntu much on VPSs, but for a Linux desktop, I run the Ubuntu MATE version in a virtual machine. I never liked Ubuntu's default launcher and search style and prefer the fully supported MATE version. I was not happy when that launcher toolbar first appeared years ago.

  • emreemre Member, LIR

    does it matter?

    any current linux will do.

    apt rpm pacman wtf all the same

    gnu part is always the same.

    what does it matter in what format do they package something...

    Thanked by 1stoned
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