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Please talk me out of it... please - Page 2
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Please talk me out of it... please



  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    @Arkas said:

    @Neoon said: Get a Wife.

    You must not have tried this!


  • DediRockDediRock Member, Patron Provider

    @vitobotta said: Until months ago I was self hosting 42 apps and services, including email, distributed over many servers. I then decided to stop it and switched to managed services almost for everything. I am now self hosting only my blogging app, another couple of Rails apps, Nextcloud+Collabora, Mastodon and a few small things on just 2 virtual servers.

    I don't have anything else self hosted and I am in the middle of a crisis because I would like to go back to self hosting absolutely everything and manage tens of servers

    I miss it lol

    @itsnotv said:

    @itsnotv Bro... this literally made me Lol.

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