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$6.58 Cheap Asia-Based VPS from Mountspot - OpenVZ, 512 MB, Tier4 DC. - Page 2
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$6.58 Cheap Asia-Based VPS from Mountspot - OpenVZ, 512 MB, Tier4 DC.



  • livingvirtuallivingvirtual Member
    edited October 2011

    Wait let me guess is it CtrlS datacenters? Because in India we have some providers such as Netmagic and CtrlS who have been providing Tier 4 service. I wish I could visit the DC.. BTW do you all have any DC in Mumbai?

    Well I'm getting a pretty good ping of 54 MS here in Milkrice Circle,EKM,Kerala it's currently my temporary location as I am on a holiday..waiting to see the results from Mumbai.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited October 2011

    mountspot said: We are soon gonna come up with a new offer with yearly plan on LEB. :)

    lol... he said yearly?!!!

    Not enough interrest from potential buyers? Increase of customer base? Imho. it would be extremely stupid to buy vps from a person which is feed up of this business and selling company.

    Reason for Sale: I am a young entrepreneur and its obvious for new ideas to blink up in my mind. We have controlled our emotions for this business in order to look further for higher priorities.

  • Now thats shocking..:/

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Very shocking indeed.

  • Guys, to be honest, we do have some future plans but Mountspot is much more important. Our sale is not assured, we won't be looking for any buyer from now since we had not got any decent offer. We would be happy to continue.
    Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  • It would be good if there's an option to upgrade the diskspace, instead of paying another huge sum just to upgrade to the next plan.. I like the speed here from singapore , my website loads in seconds.

  • @Dino: Clients can always contact us to upgrade their diskspace.

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