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Best payment processor for crypto
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Best payment processor for crypto

WickedWicked Member


I'm looking into adding crypto payments and was wondering what to choose between the following:

  • Coinbase
  • CoinPayments

Would appreciate some feedback.


  • HostMediaHostMedia Member, Patron Provider

    We moved from Coinbase to CoinGate and it has worked really well for our customers. It has a nice integration/documentation so would recommend giving it a little look.

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  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    Coinbase is great and easy to setup (we created two modules for our two billing software) or alternative own BTCPay server. company acts like bank as required a several steps of verification - centralised process and nothing to do crypto.

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  • AdvinAdvin Member, Patron Provider
    edited November 6

    Coinbase Commerce is one of the best solutions we've found so far. There's a limited number of coins that Coinbase accepts, but Coinbase has been trustworthy and the fees have been low.

    If you're looking for a working WHMCS module, here is one:

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  • I believe @Francisco was/is running a self-hosted BTCPay server.

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  • I'm testing CoinPayments now but the approval process is a pain. Passport, photo and address just for me to test their API..

  • MannDudeMannDude Member, Host Rep

    Coinpayments was great, but doesn't allow US based merchants or users anymore. We self host BTCPayServer now and it works pretty well for what we need.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Member, Top Host, Host Rep
    edited November 6

    @Ympker said:
    I believe @Francisco was/is running a self-hosted BTCPay server.

    We are. I built the module that @MannDude with Incognet & I are using.

    There's a couple other providers with a copy of the module, though not aware of which ones are actively using it.

    It works well assuming you keep up with all the forks/client updates. There's times where the blockchains break themselves (DASH had this happen a few months ago) requiring you to manually invalidate blocks and reverify things, but for the most part its been fine.

    Low/no fees, no fears of someone like coinbase claiming our funds in bankruptcy, etc.


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  • HostSlickHostSlick Member, Patron Provider

    Coinify is good. Using since 9 years

  • MrRadicMrRadic Member, Patron Provider

    We use bitpay, but support leaves a lot to be desired lately

  • Blesta are implementing BTCpay in their next release - at which point we'll probably take a closer look! As Fran says there's risks attached with trusting companies in a highly volatile market!

    For those interested:

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    @MrRadic said:
    We use bitpay, but support leaves a lot to be desired lately

    BitPay most terrible support and rules, minimum withdrawal amount - again centralised verification!

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