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Looking for SMTP provider, including inbound
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Looking for SMTP provider, including inbound

I like to run my own mail server. postfix, dovecot, spamassassin , etc.

Looking for a good , inexpensive service that will handle SMTP, inbound and out. Single user. less than 5 domains. Less than 50 emails a day ( usually less than that a month ). or an inexpensive vps that will allow me to set one up.

I've had a working configuration with rDNS , DKIM and all that through a low cost VPS with However now it is being migrated and the timing is unknown and it will take a while to get the rDNS and port 25 opened on the new IP. I cant complain as the price is right. currently running it off my residential service which is less than ideal ( no rDNS )



  • CalmDownCalmDown Member

    Amazon SES?

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  • SaahibSaahib Member, Host Rep

    Thanks for making 2nd post for Virmach and praising them one again.

  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator

    MXRoute is a good alternative.

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  • cazrzcazrz Member
    edited July 18

    You can try or for vps to setup your own mail server.
    I suggest to use a relay like

    I setup my mail server with + saferoute + pmg + spamexperts


  • RefinedHostRefinedHost Member, Patron Provider

    We can offer you a VPS for an affordable price. We currently have discounts. Check out our website or PM us on here so we can better assist you!

  • nick_nick_ Member

    Purelymail is good and it's only $10 a year.

  • jperkinsjperkins Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I am looking thru them now.

  • jperkinsjperkins Member

    I went with for outgoing SMTP. $1 per month via paypal. They had instructions to incorporate into postfix.

    and no, my virmach vm is not back up.

    thanks for all the suggestions

  • The funny thing is I have free shared hosting at Virmach that I think is still up.

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