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HostHatch sign-ups unavailable?
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HostHatch sign-ups unavailable?

PeterPPeterP Member, Patron Provider

Just tried to sign up with HostHatch for the first time, and it looks like there's an issue during new sign-ups. I've attempted using 2 different devices, 2 different ISPs, etc and I continue to get the same error. Anyone else experiencing this? Screenshot attached of the error message.


  • szymonpszymonp Member

  • PeterPPeterP Member, Patron Provider

    @szymonp said:

    I was able to get to that part, but whenever I hit "Submit" that is when I get the error message.

  • PeterPPeterP Member, Patron Provider

    Interesting, just tried it again and it worked this time. Not sure what changed in the last 24 hours but oh well, glad it's fixed now

  • PeterPPeterP Member, Patron Provider

    Interesting. So looking like this might be a mobile-only issue. Just tried logging in on 2 different mobile devices using different browsers, get an error saying my account doesn't exist yet I can log into my account fine using the same credentials on my desktop. The saga continues.

  • jmaxwelljmaxwell Member

    “No need of signup page when there are no new customers.“

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