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Configure proxmox mail gateway
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Configure proxmox mail gateway

serversupportzserversupportz Member, Patron Provider

I am looking for a help to set up and configure proxmox mail gateway in one of my DA dedicated server. I am planning to install it via following the below article.

I want to configure the gateway to filter email traffic before it goes to a DA server used for just emails. i.e, I am planning to filter inbound email before it hits on my server to reducing the server load.

Has anyone done this before? Any recommendation.


  • There is another member who used it, you could contact @serversupportz

  • I thought I caught jbiloh red handed since he claimed OP wasn't banned when they indeed were, but then I read his post and found this little gem:

    This fellow was not banned, or at least not recently as best I can recall.

    Have you considered a career in politics or becoming a lawyer coaching clients for depositions?

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  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    Isn't it just spamassassin? Why stack filters? It's kinda doubling up on infrastructure without gaining any reliability.

    Thanked by 1serversupportz
  • This dude asking for free supportz. Going to forward the supportz to his client and get paid for it. The free guy will get nothingz.

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