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How to learn about Virtualization?
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How to learn about Virtualization?

shunnyshunny Member
edited March 2012 in General

What is the best way to learn about virtualization technology? Such as managing/ operating OpenVZ, KVM, Xen, etc.


  • Practice

  • Read, read, read.. try, try, try... to gather experience.

  • Hehe. Thanks for the obvious answers :P Is it better to get a cheap remote server to practice and gather experience or get a home server system? Personally, I would prefer getting a cheap remote server but have not yet found a suitable host. Any recommendations?..... I think I'm hijacking my own thread now. Oh well...

  • Ahm, do it in your house, IMHO

    That will minimize the possibilities of screwing the things. Unless you want to pay >$70 in a dedicated to have fun :P

  • Install Virtualbox. Mess around.

  • @yomero - I think I will have to resort to doing it in my house. ;) So let me throw you a question. Which virtualization do you prefer? OpenVZ, KVM, XEN, VMWare....
    From what I have learned so far OpenVZ is Para-virtualization and if done correctly, can be a very powerful. While XEN, KVM are full virtualization. Personally, I prefer KVM as so far the hosts I have been with have excellent performance with KVM. I don't think you can quite oversell with KVM no?

  • @subigo - yup tried VirtualBox and tried VMWare. They are both very excellent but I want to try more of the administering it like a provider does. I know I'm miles away from being an expert at it. But want to learn and maybe start one later on in Asia where the LEB market is not very present.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    My personal choice is vmware, mostly because i've worked with it the last decade. I know its the most expensive platform if you want all features.

  • @shunny i like openvz for performance ...

  • @MikHo Wow, for the last decade! Must be a pro at that :) VmWare from my limited use has been great but like you said it is expensive.

  • @natestamm I like OpenVZ too. Personally, if I were to run my own virtualization I would go with OpenVZ. But after a few run with multiple providers I found that OVZ is very easy to oversell and have people on the node who are abusive. The only good experience I have had are with three providers. I'm sure most people would know who the three are :P

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    @shunny Im far from a pro but I do get around and since all of the customers I work with (that has some kind of virtualization) are using vmware its been fun :)

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