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SpectraIP Server not delivered - NO REPLY - Page 3
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SpectraIP Server not delivered - NO REPLY



  • unfortunately i am not kidding... it was a surprise fore me as well. @spectraip maybe you have to comunicate it more clearly or add this "feature". Beside that topic no problems at all with this hoster.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    OP is not coming back. She got her orgasm.

  • @LTniger said:

    @taylorgates said:
    currently i have a server running at there. I ordered a special configuration and waited 3 or 4 days for delivery. Fore me its very good no issue with that. Speed is excellent.
    Lucas answer very quickly so sales support is good.

    Only think to keep in your mind, they do not have a restart or reinstall panel for dedicated server. For a reinstallation of linux I waited 3 days for support/reinstallation. Maybe here you can improve your service or give the customer a restart / reinstall panel.

    Now server is running very good.

    Are tou kidding? Manual OS installation?! What is this, 98' again?

    Uh, it's a dedicated server. It would be a waste of their time making limited templates when the purpose of a dedicated is to do whatever the fuck you want (partitioning, software, etc). If you were really banking on templates for a dedicated server, it probably isn't right for you. Anyone who has many to do will have their own setup scripts and ISO's. Anyone who is too small is small potatoes not worth the time.

  • Indeed. It’s a dedi. If I were @spectraip I would just provide IPMI or KVM and wish the customer good luck. I don’t know many providers that automated their dedicated server installations.

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