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BuyVM turns 10! New Stallion features launched: BGP Sessions, ISO Uploading, & 2F Authentication!
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BuyVM turns 10! New Stallion features launched: BGP Sessions, ISO Uploading, & 2F Authentication!

FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

Just sent this mass email out:


Like all good parents, we forgot our child’s birthday – woops. A little over 10 years ago we took a gamble on a new product line: BuyVM. Between datacenter moves, power outages, DDOS attacks, and one too many networking configuration fat fingers, we’re still here! Thank you!

Now, onto the presents!

The past 2 months have been a development marathon for us starting with Backups & Snapshots in May/June. We’re happy to announce the availability of three new features: ISO uploading, Two Factor Authentication, and last but not least, BGP Sessions!

Automatic Backups & Snapshots

To recap the last email we sent: All KVM Slice’s in Las Vegas now support optional automatic backups. These backups run on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday with 2 weeks of backups kept. Backups can be purchased at by viewing your service, going to “Configurable Options”, and enabling them.

Snapshots are free to all users but have a limit of 5 per account. You can use snapshots to make a template of one VM and clone it to many others easily or have a rollback point you take before a big upgrade.

ISO Uploading

You can now upload your own ISO’s without any staff intervention inside of Stallion. All customers get 15GB of media storage with a 5GB file limit. ISO’s are automagically synchronized to all locations as well. A “share code” system also exists so sharing your ISO’s with other BuyVM users is easy and instant.

This feature is completely free for all customers with KVM based plans.

Two Factor Authentication

After countless requests and at least two petitions, a TOTP based Two Factor Authentication system is available! No special apps are needed, it works perfectly with Google Authenticator, Authy, WinAuth, etc.

BGP Sessions

Have your own IP addresses that you wish to use on your KVM Slice’s? Now you can! BGP sessions are available in both Las Vegas and Luxembourg. We expect New York to be supported in a month or two when our new router arrives.

Once your ASN is approved we can register any manual prefixes you have an LOA for. All prefixes signed with RPKI for your ASN will automagically be imported. BGP communities are also available allowing you to block prefixes from being announced to certain upstreams, prepend routes, and null route IP addresses.

DDOS protection is not available at the moment but in the future, we may offer it as a fairly priced monthly cost. Past that BGP sessions are completely free and have no minimum term or setup fee. Customers just need to open a ticket with us to get their ASN approved.

I know we say it every time, but we truly mean it.

Thank you for the patronage.



Since some people are probably curious, here's a shot of what a BGP session looks like:




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