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RamNode Storage VPS
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RamNode Storage VPS

JamesFJamesF Member, Host Rep

Just wondering if anyone had any reviews on the RamNode Storage VPS’s compared to Backupsy?

Currently using Backupsy, but RamNode seems a fair bit cheaper for EU.

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  • kp93kp93 Member

    Awesome ++

    Using Ramnode since 3 years , for cold storage. @Nick_A

    Second copy is stored on LiteServer
    @LiteServer 2 years

    Both locations are NL.

    For non EU Servarica is great @servarica_hani

  • JamesFJamesF Member, Host Rep

    Thank You.

  • AlefAlef Member
    edited April 2020

    I haven't used RamNode's Storage VPS specifically, but I have used there non-cloud Standard KVM and OpenVZ offerings since 2015. There support is top notch, most of the time less then 30m response time!

    I can't speak to performance as I don't run anything heavy or ran any benchmarks. I just run a Nagios server to monitor all my other servers.

    In terms of uptime, I have seen about an hour of downtime over the past 5 years of using their NYC location. Though that's what I have witnessed, I don't monitor my monitor server for uptime.

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  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Thanks for checking us out!

    Let me know if the MKVM plan you want is out of stock - we're running low in some regions with new hardware coming soon.

  • JamesFJamesF Member, Host Rep

    Thanks @Nick_A NL is looking good to me! :)

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
  • Funny thing is, although I’m from the Low Countries myself I wouldn’t just store my backups in NL. Almost every datacenter overthere is below sea level. So if I were you I’d pick a second location as well, possibly ‘high in the sky’.

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