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Good domain registrar for european domains?
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Good domain registrar for european domains?

TionTion Member
edited November 2019 in Requests

I currently got a couple of european domains with Netcup which I would like to move to a better domain registrar. Biggest beef is I got no control over the domain besides DNS. I cant change the whois on a per domain basis, auto renew or do anything. I would love to move them to Porkbun where I got all my international domains but that will most likely never happen.

Can you recommend me a registrar which doesnt have rip off prices for national eu domains (.de, .at, .ch, .li, .it, .es is what I need) and let me fine tune my domains?


  • OVH is probably your best bet. Not the smartest kid of the internets for domains (their CP is a bit weird, takes time to get used to its inner workings...) but they are inexpensive, allow all sorts of control over your domains, and mostly play by the rules (ICANN etc.) when it comes to administrative tasks (transfers, whois updating etc.)

  • eServereServer Member
    edited November 2019

    Some ccTLDs do not allow simple whois change. Also some require local trustee or address.

    We offer EU domains if our price is ok to you.

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  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy
  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    edited November 2019

    You can have a look at . That's where my domains are :)

  • Checkout this site for best price . I like , porkbun and

  • OVH works well and they are often cheapest first year. Not always the best price on renewals, clearly not interesting for gtlds.

  • JordJord Moderator, Host Rep


  • jsgjsg Member, Resident Benchmarker

    Yes, if you (like probably most) do not mind to use a registrar that's right smack in the middle of 14 eyes then porkbun is a good and cheap choice. They also provide whois privacy for TLDs that allow it.
    I personally use who offer everything you might want (in terms of control) but are a bit more expensive (but still not on the expensive side). OTOH I trust their privacy considerably more.

    Also have a look at the tld list (linked above) for a large list of registrars plus lots of info.

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  • Good luck with registering .de, .at, .ch, .li, .it, .es domains at Porkbun.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    Fixed thread title: degistrar -> registrar


  • My like for europe domains registrar is

    their management interface is worse, but the systems work just finel.

  • Ympker said: You can have a look at . That's where my domains are

    What is their renewal price? I can see only 1 year, no way to change to 10 years.

  • i like inwx . they also have a nice api and so on.

  • TyrannoServerTyrannoServer Member
    edited December 2019
  • I use

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