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Webtropia - install own windows via qemu-kvm
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Webtropia - install own windows via qemu-kvm

fatgitfatgit Member

I'm pretty new to all this, but I do currently have a Hetzner Dedicated that I installed Windows 10 pro on via the Joodle image (I have my own license but have tested using 2008, server 2012 and 2019).

I purchased a server from Webtropia (Ryzen 1700x) (now refunded it due to the details below, but still want to order), but cannot get the Joodle method or working.

With the Joodle image, everything installs, I reboot but cannot access the machine, no ping reply etc, so have to re-enter rescue and reinstall - rinse and repeat.

Using the Danpros method, windows installs and I can boot it after a reboot, but only after going into rescue,downloading and mounting the windows image file, and then using qemu-kvm and then it boots and is usable - so Im assuming it's something related to mbr etc (Im probably wrong as I'm still learning).

Does anyone have any tips that might help? I've been googling for the last 2 weeks, but without a bit more knowledge, I'm not even sure what I'm looking for (Searched here too, and while I've found similar threads, I can't see anything the same) and I'd really like to order the server :)

Any help is much appreciated.


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