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SpeedyKVM cancelled my service and refunded me. - Page 3
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SpeedyKVM cancelled my service and refunded me.



  • mkshmksh Member
    edited July 2018

    @angstrom said:

    @jcaleb said:
    @jarland I suggest to change title. Since refund was offered immediately, it is not a scam.

    Why do you think that @jarland can change the title?

    This guy is a mod and does not even know @jarland isn't admin anymore? Soon there will be more mods than users.

  • emghemgh Member

    @mksh said:

    @angstrom said:

    @jcaleb said:
    @jarland I suggest to change title. Since refund was offered immediately, it is not a scam.

    Why do you think that @jarland can change the title?

    This guy is a mod and does not even know @jarland isn't admin anymore? Soon there will be more mods than users.

    Mod? Pff. I want OP.

  • I don't understand why the title of this post was changed. SpeedyKVM is known for their bait and switch tactics. Ask them if they will lock their renewal cost on their 36 month offers.. They'll laugh at you and tell you to F-Off.. Not even willing to cap the increase of the service to 50%. This tells me they want you to sign up and then after the first 36 months the second will probably be 100-500% higher because you already put everything onto their servers.

    Lets also not forget that they are part of Incero who had (probably still does) not allow LET members to sign up and use their services.

    The org. title of this post was accurate by calling it BAIT AND SWITCH.. MODs shouldn't be so easily swayed in Incero's favor.

    Thanked by 1Kris
  • aagaag Member

    @willie said:

    aag said: I can screen shot the ticket response email from Gordon himself.

    Do you mean which is from someone named George? If you also got something from Gordon, we need to see it.

    aag said: I explicitly stated I would only be announcing/originating my own /22

    We need to see this too.

    aag said: I can't prove a negative (that there are more tickets/emails that I am not sharing)

    You posted a ticket response from "George" (above) but you haven't posted the ticket that George responded to. Please post it. You posted a link ( to another ticket so maybe you have a link like that to ticket #985521, the one in your screen shot from George.

    aag said: I specifically asked my account to be deleted. and what is in my email is already screenshot for you. the initial ticket (opened via the web panel I can no longer access)

    You are saying there was further evidence related to your transaction, but you destroyed it before coming here. A hint: part of the reason for written communications is so there is evidence to present in case of a dispute. Also, most ticket systems I've seen confirm tickets by email, so post the info.

    Destroying evidence and then making unverifiable claims about what it said is unconvincing. You have to preserve it in order to use it. So I think we are heading toward "better luck next time" territory. But now you know.

    Does anyone here have a theory about what OP was actually trying to do with the anycast?

    I appreciate your methodical and civil approach -- two excellent qualities for moderating a public internet forum. I will say, however, that you seem to have some trouble following along.

    I explicitly demanded they immediately delete my account and it's associated information. I want nothing to do with Incero or possible Incero customers (was looking at, and then 10 minutes of researching had me back tracking immediately.)

    You don't need to see anything. I understand perfectly well that there are plenty of folks looking to slander other businesses with wild claims -- my claim and this story is pretty easy to swallow. I'd love to know what I could have possibly asked or even done that would /appropriately/ (aka not having services terminated FIRST) call for an offer of $1000/month CDN services (which, I remind you, is not something SpeedyKVM or even Incero advertise on any of their brands or sites).

    So what proof? of what? my story? because my story might be false? because there might be some other side I'm not sharing? please, for the love of all that is logical and holy I would LOVE to know what POSSIBLE side(s) there could be.

    I signed up. I paid. I got VPSes. I configured them. I asked about BGP communities. My VPSes got terminated. And I was offered a ludicrous alternative. what could I have done to get services TERMINATED in advance in less than 8 hours with an offer of $1000/m CDN services?

    these VPSes only have about 2TB of data each. the BGP sessions weren't even configured! I was not announcing my IP space. HOW COULD I HAVE ABUSED OR USED ANYTHING?! what is this other side that I could be hiding? this line of "well, we don't know the whole story" is such a comical thought. there literally cannot BE anything else to the story. my routes never transited whatever ASN SpeedyKVM or Incero uses -- I never got my BGP sessions to even use!

    You & the moderation team are doing a big disservice not calling a bait and switch scam the SCAM that it is.

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  • aagaag Member

    @AnthonySmith said:

    aag said: There are zero facts being left out.

    ^ This is as far as I have read, if your next reply is not a full and complete posting of all interactions via ticket you can be sure this entire thread will be gone.

    If this is how you moderate this place, it's effectively worthless for its stated purpose. this is a discussion board to find and share information about web hosting companies. I am sharing my story. you need some frankly bullshit mountain of proof for a very simple story and narrative.

    feel free to lessen the value of this place by censoring my post. I've already noted what SpeedyKVM does on the place where it matters most for this specific bait & switch scam --

    You moderate your board how you see fit -- but removing this thread is a great disservice and goes against the purported purpose of this forum entirely. so, think real hard about that before hitting delete.

    Thanked by 1onetokeoverthe
  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    @Kris I hope this thread works for you.

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    mksh said: This guy is a mod and does not even know @jarland isn't admin anymore? Soon there will be more mods than users.

    I apologize

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