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ANNIVERSARY TOP UP OFFER! EPYC Value, EPYC Performance from $15/year - VMHaus - Page 2
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ANNIVERSARY TOP UP OFFER! EPYC Value, EPYC Performance from $15/year - VMHaus



  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    @levnode said:
    @vmhaus: So if I topup $3, I just need to topup $27 more?

    If the topup was recent, after this thread was posted we could do that.

  • zevuszevus Member
    edited March 2018

    This page shows 1Gbps & a 4GB option not mentioned here. I noticed on deploy that there is also some 8GB.

    Are these all with 10Gbps port & pricing page is just in need of an update?

    & what is charge for bandwidth overage? I take an 8TB server for 1 hr, transfer 12.37GB, for +1GB (assuming one TB is 1024 GB). What is the charge for the extra GB?

    This amount is inclusive of downstream and upstream?

    Is rDNS handled at all?

    What is considered 'high bandwidth', in Legal section 3.0? These are cheap prices, on 10Gbit port. On something with similar prices and a 1Gbit port, I'd think something along the lines of 200Mbit for a long period, obviously can't be proportionate, assuming one can even reach 2Gbit for sustained periods.

    I'm no bandwidth bandit by any means (I guess the average is around 2TB outbound a month on this Dacentec server I've had for years), but still like to know these things.


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