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So, what should I get to replace my TinyVPS box that'll be going down soon?
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So, what should I get to replace my TinyVPS box that'll be going down soon?

GaryGary Member
edited October 2011 in Help

I use it for hosting my irc bouncer at the moment for keeping me in channels 24/7. I don't hang out on any dodgy channels that would attract DDOS (all private channels, 50/50 split between private ircds and a couple of public ircds).

Here's my usage over the last few months:

venet0  /  monthly

   month         rx      |      tx      |   total
  Jun '11     535.68 MB  |     2.81 GB  |     3.33 GB   %%%:::::::::::::::::::
  Jul '11       1.08 GB  |     1.42 GB  |     2.50 GB   %%%%%%%:::::::::
  Aug '11     729.45 MB  |     1.09 GB  |     1.80 GB   %%%%:::::::
 estimated       949 MB  |     1.42 GB  |     2.35 GB

It idles at around 20MB ram used, and load is a constant 0.00 0.00 0.00.

I don't need a high spec box (32MB would do, with some burstable to be able to apt-get and compile things) and I don't need much transfer (5GB/month would be overkill) and I'm currently using 427MB of drive space.

If TinyVPS/Kerplunc hadn't gone to the wall I'd keep using them, since they've been more or less fine in the 2 years or so I've had this VPS from them. They're on the way out though, so I need another VPS.

32MB ram, 500MB drivespace and 5GB bandwidth should be easy to come across, right? Throw irc into the mix and think again. :)

Any suggestions? I'm in the UK so I want something in Western Europe. UK/FR/DE/NL is fine, but other countries are a possibility, as long as the VPS is stable and nearby.

Given the specs I'm after, I really don't want to pay more than $5/month. I could get something dirt cheap that'd do the job so easily, if it weren't for the IRC factor, and most providers being terrified of evil chat! :)



  • tsctsc Member

    BuyVM STILL has stock right now, so you might want to check them out. They sell several times what you need for the price of 3 months of your budget.

    Check stock here:

  • GaryGary Member

    Ooh, they allow IRC.

    We generally accept users to run IRC based services on our systems, except if used for any sort of malicious activity. We do ask that you keep a quiet policy while running your community/services as any service that receives continued Denial of Services attacks may face termination.

    And since I've heard nothing but good things about them, I'll go for it. :)

    Thanks tsc :D

  • GaryGary Member

    Scratch that. West coast USA is no good for me. :(

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    You should have 140ms pings from the UK, though I guess that's too high of a ping for just IRC :)


  • tuxtux Member

    Maybe AlienVPS in New York?

  • I'm also looking for one of these, let me know if you find a decent one Gary :)

  • GaryGary Member

    Nah, I'd really prefer EU. AlienVPS averages 98ms.

    I get an average ping of 175ms to a BuyVM test IP I just checked, so because it's an irc bouncer we can say double that I guess. Compared with 28ms to my current VPS.

    I'm tempted to go with BuyVM just because of the reputation, but I'll hold off for an EU based VPS I think. If I don't find anything between now and then I'll probably go with BuyVM.

  • ztecztec Member
    edited August 2011

    Here's a match made in heaven:

    edit: Oops, am actually not sure about their IRC policy.

  • Take a look at allSimple they allow irc bouncers and previously on LEB they made an offer for 15 pound a year

  • Can i ask what bandwith/traffic monitor tool you use?

  • GaryGary Member

    That output's from vnstat.

    I also use bwm-ng for occasional realtime monitoring.

    You're right enough ztec, quality servers are no good. :( I'd go for them in a flash, I have two VMs with them as it is, and I'm very happy with them.

    @ thekreek - no efnet = no go. :(

  • tsctsc Member
    edited August 2011

    Gary said: Scratch that. West coast USA is no good for me. :(

    Ah, sorry about that. I didn't see your UK requirement.

    Alas, if only BuyVM could go faster in their eventual plans of expanding, but of course that's not their style. :P

  • jhjh Member allow IRC, and they have some great offers on LEB.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited August 2011

    there was a post here but i removed it as i feel it may have contravened rules. Sorry buddy wait 7 days and then i can help ya. 22ms ping on our servers.

  • +1 for vooservers, they are quality and their new Maidstone DC is great.

  • GaryGary Member

    Voo are a possibility, but I'd grudge paying £4.50 for specs that are seriously overkill for the intended purpose. It's annoying that there are plans out there for £1/month, but I can't use them purely on a TOS technicality. I can see why providers might not want SOME irc users, but it annoys me that they have a blanket ban on it when I know I won't be doing anything disruptive or untoward. :(

  • I can recommend (Their site is somehow also translated into english, however, they have a very good support that is capable of speaking english either via IRC, Forum, Email, ICQ or LiveChat).

    Thanked by 1Gary
  • GaryGary Member

    Now that's more like it, 6 euros for 3 months. I've fired off an email to ask if they allow IRC. Thanks :)

  • now has an England-based KVM for $5 a month ($15 quarterly).

  • GaryGary Member

    ramhost's 1TB/month transfer (and therefore its prices) are kinda overkill.

  • Another refugee from here, looking for a small UK box. Not for IRC, mind you, but as a monitoring station & alternate DNS server for the dozen or more domain names I shepherd. I am interested in the answers.

    I am nonplussed, like Gary, that the IRC protocol is blacklisted with such "baby AND bathwater" attitudes by hosting providers.

  • @ Gary : Vooservers has a 50% recurring discount coupon : IPV6ME valid for their 128 , 256 & 512MB Plans.

    Order from this Page : and apply that coupon.

    you can see it @ but their order link in this page seems to broken.

  • @Gary: I have a Ramhost custom VPS, you can just email them the spec you need and they will tell you the price.

  • Gary said: I'm in the UK so I want something in Western Europe.

    That's easy one: vooservers, evorack and xenvz :) Those are by my experiences most likely 3 best .uk hosts ever featured at LEB. I am not sure if you can still get xenvz (which is most stable among those three - easily with 200+ days of uptime) for price around 5$ but vooservers and evorack, both with better/faster support than xenvz, for sure.

    Check also latest InceptionHosting (.nl) 6€/3 months offer (they also allow IRC and as it seems people like their service) and cheap qualityhosting (.uk) offer (but avoid cursed uk2 node!).

    btw. Gary, I am a bit surprised - I see you a lot around and I would imagine that as LEB regular you know most of this.. :P

  • Folks, this thread is like 6 weeks old.


  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited October 2011

    Oh, crap... I haven't noticed - I blame Amar! :P

  • {humour}Well there you go again. Blaming someone else for your trouble making ways....


    I'm going home. My quarterly waste of time meeting with the county tomorrow about the situation with my ex. 4+ hours of waiting for them to catch up on their meeting backlog just for them to tell me in under a minute that they're not going to do anything with her outstanding warrants.

  • jtodd said: allow IRC, and they have some great offers on LEB.

    You allow IRC on your network too,right?

  • As it turns out, I got one of the small XEN boxes from QualityServers. Very happy with it. :)

  • @Gary congrats!

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