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An OVH Experience!
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An OVH Experience!

Okay, so I've gone through all the stages of grief with OVH, and I only order Weds, after figuring out on here where I was going with my IT.

So, like any good wannabe customer, I placed my order, totally believing the "set up in an hour" hype. It's after this point it rapidly goes downhill.

I figured a gentle request email some 5 hours later, asking when I might expect it would be acknowledged at least - it was, on FRIDAY! Meantime, I found they had their own forum, so I signed up for that, seeing I'd get a confirmation email "shortly" - that came 24 hours later telling me I could post once verified.... I still cannot post on their forum and it's now Sunday in the UK!

I see Oles re-tweeting all the grateful customers who have now got their mSP servers.... while at the same time utterly ignoring those who try to complain at all. In the UK we consider that RUDE.

I now understand, since at least I can READ their forum, that there's a hell of a backlog that OVH are trying to clear.

That's fair enough, but OVH, at least TRY to manage it, huh?

1) Why accept orders when you know you can't deliver?
2) Why fail to update existing orders?
3) Why not employ the same "innovation" you do in your data centres to your customer service?
4) Why continue to lie or mislead on your order pages?
5) Why the hell not engage with your customers and turn them to an advantage rather than the blight you're currently treating them as?

Honestly, I'm glad I only signed up for a month - which, by the way, OVH, I Will be INSISTING counts from DELIVERY, and not from order - and I will sue you if not.

I am already researching others, and from current looks, I'm just sad BuyVM doesn't have the space I need right now.


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    I wonder if I'm the only person on this forum to have a good experience with OVH. I ordered the Core i3 (can't remember the package name) a few months ago in their Montreal location and received the info in about 5 minutes. I've never had a dedicated server provisioned that quickly. Maybe I just got lucky.

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    An OVH Experience!

    You're aware that there's more than a few OVH/kimsufi threads opened lately and atleast one perfectly suitable for this post bumped up on daily basis last few weeks?

    Please post all your experiences, concerns, whatever... OVH latest offer related to this thread:

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