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Help me decide what's the best Vps for my sites.
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Help me decide what's the best Vps for my sites.

safazasafaza Member

Hello guys,

I am new here and this is my first post.

Here's my site details :

  • Wordpress based blog/site
  • Site no.1 = 20k - 30k visit per day
  • Site no.2 = 10k - 30k visit per month
  • Site no.3 = 15K+ visit per month

Is it wise to install 3 sites on one vps? Maybe not that wise.

So, what's is the best ram, disk space, & bandwidth for my sites?

I need cPanel, fully/managed vps & usa based location ( 60% of my sites traffic are from us ).

All suggestions are welcome. :)

Thank you,


  • If using cpanel best looking at a 2-3GB an above package. Although 2gb should be enough.

    Some providers charge extra for cpanel, if its anything over $15 extra then just buy the licence privately via many cpanel resellers, Going rate for VPS Cpanel licence is about $15.

    An u.s location there is many to choose from totally depends on distance you prefer.

  • hosthatchhosthatch Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

    It is not unwise to host it on one VPS, no, but you should make sure you have backups to an off-site location. See the resources you currently are using (CPU, ram, hard disk, bandwidth) and buy a bit more of all of these so you have some room for instant growth.

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to recommend non-leb providers here, but you should check knownhost for cPanel + fully managed.

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