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Dedicated Server starting at 2.99 EUR / month
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Dedicated Server starting at 2.99 EUR / month

AmfyAmfy Member
edited July 2013 in General

<rm> he decided to DESTROY the LEB market :D

Bad day for the providers here :-/ and it's even true



  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited July 2013

    Holy f--k, holy f--king f--k, a 2.99 EUR dedi, a 20 EUR dedi with 2x 2TB 1TB HDD and 16 GB RAM (throws money at OVH, hysterically laughing)...

    However -- don't forget there'll be a 1.5 GBP (1.5 EUR? or more?...) price increase starting September:
    if they haven't backtracked on those plans, that is.

    Thanked by 1jar
  • 3 5 dedicated servers designed to answer to your needs

  • Too bad you can't choose 1 month, minimum is 3 months

    Purchased one anyway xD

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited July 2013

    There was actually a typo on the Ireland page: used to say "2x2TB"
    but at "2x1To"
    and the forum post says yep, that's 1TB disks, not 2TB.

    Edit: ...and they just fixed the Ireland page too.

  • AmfyAmfy Member

    @rm_ said:
    and the forum post says yep, that's 1TB disks, not 2TB.

    It's still very nice offer... :)

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran

    Availability has just changed from "24 hours" to "29/07/2013" on all servers. :/

  • What a deal!

  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran

    Ordered :D

  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    just 1 ipv4 :(

  • @netomx said:
    just 1 ipv4 :(

    Good, no summer hosts on these plans this time

    Thanked by 1netomx
  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran
    edited July 2013

    I called OVH, its true no fake...
    They got a new DC in Europe.

  • DewlanceVPSDewlanceVPS Member, Patron Provider

    500GB Hard Disk - good for backup server

  • Was already halfway through the ordering process until i realized that i don't need another cheap server for 4€/month. Anyway it's an incredible offer although i wouldn't know what to use it for.

    Thanked by 2upfreak Infinity
  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran

    Ordered one of the 2.99 and one of the 19.99 servers.
    And the 29/07 date is correct, it's not because of out of stock or anything, Octave said from the start in the forum post that deliveries start only early next week.

  • asterisk14asterisk14 Banned
    edited July 2013

    I was just looking at it thinking wow and them saw this thread. You can get additional IP's too (upto 3 I think)
    2 GB RAM, 500GB HDD for $4.5/mo or if outside EU $3.81/month! The death of LEB?

  • what? they need my photo ID and proof of address?

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    @rm_ said:
    holy f--king f--k

    Yeah that pretty much summarizes my thoughts. Is there a profit margin on power and upstream in France?

  • Has anyone done the math yet?

  • rds100rds100 Member

    That's a killer offer. Wonder if it will be a regular one, or just some temporary promotion.

    Also, where is the new data center mentioned?

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited July 2013

    @rds100 he says this is possible because of the new super-efficient Gravelines DC, in the forum post:
    And yeah, on the order check-out form you see that it's "France Nord (Gravelines)" location.

    Thanked by 1rds100
  • @rds100 It's in Gravelines, Dunkirk. I've been watching the development of the DC for a while now. See

  • zhuanyizhuanyi Member
    edited July 2013

    And they have removed the 5TB bandwidth limit now right?

  • @zhuanyi Yup, it went earlier in the week

  • @jkr1711 said:
    zhuanyi Yup, it went earlier in the week

    That's a nice torrent server then.

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited July 2013


    could have a low ping to London, unless everything is routed via RBX first.

  • awsonawson Member

    Crazy. Bought 3 months of the 2G one.

  • XakiXaki Member

    Wtffff, here is the DC ?

  • asterisk14asterisk14 Banned
    edited July 2013

    @Xaki: Dunkirk. Excellent news for us in the UK!

    @rm_ Can someone run the bench testing script?

    All we need now is google giving away a free VPS with every gmail account and we're done :-)

  • camargcamarg Member

    lol, this is the end for leb vps.

  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    For backup, it is excellent :)

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