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Top Provider Poll Q4 2016
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Top Provider Poll Q4 2016

trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider
edited March 2017 in Announcements

Hi everyone!

Lets get the ball rolling on the quarterly top provider poll! This poll is for Q4 2016! Please remember to vote based on this time period.

Sorry it's taken so long to get sorted, I was hoping to automate the vote counting but as always life got in the way.

Rules for eligibility to vote:

  • Account must have been created before 1st October, 2016.
  • Account must have at least 5 posts.
  • Providers can vote, but cannot vote for themselves.

Rules for the votes:

  • You get three standard votes.
  • One vote is one provider, no “I give three votes to _____.”
  • You can use less than three votes.
  • You get one additional vote, outside of the other three, for “Best New Provider” Vote for someone new that you think shows promise.
  • Honourable mentions will not be tallied but feel free to post them.
  • Votes will end at 11:59 PM AEDT (Sydney, Australia time) on February 22nd. The results will be posted on March 1st.


This year a total of 41 43 prizes are up for grabs thanks to the generosity of the providers in this community! The winners will be drawn randomly from the voters list.

Using all three of your votes does not give you a better chance of winning. You must pass the providers normal account verification process and abide by all ToS. You can only win one prize, once you win you are removed from subsequent draws.

If you are a provider and would still like to offer a prize, it's not too late! PM me!



  • Votes:

    Best newcomer: ContraWeb

  • bersybersy Member
    edited February 2017




    best new provider - VortexNode

    honourable mentions - OnePoundWebHosting, vStoike, Vscale, LunaNode, LiteServer, GinerNet

  • andikliveandiklive Member
    edited February 2017

    Top Provider

    Ramnode, have solid vm since 2013.

    OVH, i dont need support, but its really stable.

    Virmach, use their DS and so far its stable.

    Best New Provider

    Virmach, i dont know this provider new or not, have couple container. and DS too that im grabbed last BF, so far so good.

    Honorable Mention

    Lunanode, love their features and have many plans.

    Dacentec, affordable DS with good price point.

    VPSDime, only have 1 vm but performance is nice.

    HostUs, use for storage backup.

    SpartanHost, use for storage backup.

    DO and Vultr, i use for development only, solid and have good performance.

    Thanked by 1AlexanderM
  • hawchawc Member, Moderator, LIR
    edited February 2017
    1. GoMach5 - "it just works", and when things do go wrong, it's sorted very quickly and very efficiently

    2. NorthHosts - name a host that goes out to the hardware store at 9:30am to buy HDDs for you.

    3. - hasn't dropped a heartbeat. My 500gb in LA just works, and is under 1ms from my GoMach5, enabling speedy nightly backups.

    Honourable mention: VortexNode - the 2 UK atoms are very nice, but their Buffalo operation hugely lets them down.

    Best new: NorthHosts, for the reason they got my point. Jon is brilliant to deal with, and "gets stuff done"

    Thanked by 3busbr VortexMagnus GM5
  • bugrakocbugrakoc Member
    edited February 2017

    Votes: VortexNode, HostUS, Inception Hosting

    Best New Provider: ContraWeb

    Honourable Mention: Lunanode (Never got the chance to try them for long periods, but love their features.), Wishosting

  • Votes: Incero, VirMach, BuyVM

    Best New Provider: VortexNode

    Honourable Mention: Time4VPS, HostUS, Clouvider

  • Votes: HostUS, RansomIT, vstoike

    best new provider: vortexnode

  • busbrbusbr Member
    edited February 2017


    1. VortexNode. Always-on chat support, and decent people like @VortexMagnus. Need more MAGS BIDDING WARZ please. They do have minor screwups, but I think I'm getting very decent pricing for locations outside of ColoCrossing.

    2. Clouvider. Awesome network, no downtime so far. @Clouvider has been very professional throughout discussions and in communications with me and they started to have decent KVM slice deals.

    3. Dediserve. Got @dediserve's earlier KVM deals and everything is snappy. Their support has been very flexible and were patient moving my stuff around.

    Best new provider:

    1. VortexNode also. Very disruptive pricing. I hope they stay around.

    Honourable mentions:

    1. ExtraVM. @MikeA nice guy, thanks a bunch for custom offerings. The 3-minute support ticket response times are just unbelievable.

    2. ImpactVPS. Nice concept and control panel, and I personally have a little love for Incero.

    3. BuyVM. But @Francisco you said NJ slices come in November :( .

    4. VPS247. Also use them, diverse locations. @kcaj FART MOTHER.

    • BuyShared/Frantech - steady uptime, quick support (<1 hour support response time, request resolved in 2 hours in a recent ticket), service works well.

    • LES/Inception Hosting - the exotic little green circles still glow brightly.

    • DeepNet Solutions/GDBI - solid disk and network speeds, decent uptime. Support has been consistently prompt and amenable.

    • New provider: ImpactShared - not really a stranger to LET now, but almost approaching a year of service here so until then it could be considered new. Aside from an incident at the Dallas DC last month, service has been fine. SSD for snappy db and page loads.

    • BuyVM/Frantech - just does the job.. I better get my slices though :).
    • OVH - a big part of my infrastructure, migrated to a proxmox cluster recently and they've been perfect (mostly...)
    • InceptionHosting - using it to host my mini monitoring service, nothing but good good good

    BEST NEW: VortexNode. Cheap, good & fast support.

    Honourable mentions -

    • GoMach5: although I almost forgot to pay due to being busy, their kvm has been very nice :)
  • VortexNode, virmch, TragicServers

    Thanked by 2VortexMagnus tragic
  • ImpactShared, virmach, tragicservers

    Best new: vortexnode

    • DigitalOcean
    • Ramnode
    Thanked by 1LiteServer
  • Votes:

    • LunaNode
    • i-83/quadhost (Nat VPS)
    • vStoike

    Best New Provider:

    • VortexNode

    @trewq What do we do about providers who run multiple brands?

    trewq said: If you can only win one prize, once you win you are removed from subsequent draws.

    Remove the "if".

  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    telephone said: @trewq What do we do about providers who run multiple brands?
    trewq said: If you can only win one prize, once you win you are removed from subsequent draws.
    Remove the "if".

    Thanks, should have proofread it again. As done in previous polls all brands owned by the same company will be added together.

  • cgs3238cgs3238 Member
    edited February 2017


    • VortexNode

    • VirMach

    • INIZ

    Best New Provider:

    • VortexNode
    Thanked by 1VortexMagnus
  • ehabehab Member
    edited February 2017


    • Inception Hosting
    • DeepNet Solutions/GDBI
    • VirMach

    Best New Provider: VortexNode

    Honourable Mention: ZXHost

  • Votes: BuyVM, Virmach, OVH

    Best New Provider: Vortexnode

    Honourable mention: ImpactVPS

  • Votes: Ramnode, VirMach and VortexNode

    Best new provider: I would love to see more from Contraweb.

    Thanked by 1VortexMagnus
  • Luke007Luke007 Member
    edited February 2017

    My votes go to :
    Impact VPS

    Best New Provider : Vortex Node

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep
    • InceptionHosting
    • Prometeus
    • HostHatch
  • exception0x876exception0x876 Member, Host Rep
    1. OVH
    2. Online
    3. Hetzner

    Best New Provider: VortexNode, the super deals are amazing.

    Thanked by 1VortexMagnus

    Thanked by 1AlexanderM
  • jiggawattzjiggawattz Member
    edited February 2017

    in no particular order

    • BudgetNode
    • BuyVM
    • RamNode
    Thanked by 2Ishaq Francisco
  • VitaVita Member
    edited February 2017
    1. OVH
    2. Time4VPS
    3. BuyVM
    Thanked by 1Francisco
  • xpq0w0xpq0w0 Member
    edited February 2017


    Best New Provider:VortexNode

    Honourable Mention:HostUS

  • Top Provider

    • VirMach

    • BudgetNode

    Thanked by 1Ishaq
  • lionlion Member
    edited February 2017

    Top Provider:

    • Liteserver

    • HostSolutions

    • wishosting

    Best new provider:


  • myhkenmyhken Member
    edited February 2017

    1 x vote to OVH, 1 x vote to Hetzner, 1 x vote to Vultr

    As @Nekki I do not need to be a part of the Prize draw. I have what I need.

  • @myhken said:
    2 x votes to OVH, 1 x vote to Hetzner

    Read the rules

    Thanked by 1myhken
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