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Phoenix VPS suspend my VPS (Payment Problem)
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Phoenix VPS suspend my VPS (Payment Problem)

roizroiz Member
edited April 2013 in General

I got two xen vps some days ago,When I pay the bill.The invoice shows unpaid.So I got in touch with them.But they reply to support ticket very slow and didn't face the issue.They just reply me the problem is with PayPal API. We received your payment. We will add it manually to your account. Don't worry, your service is fine. At that time I still trust them.A day later I use the vps to install my application.Suddenly the vps is interrupted.I am very angry.Then I received a
Service Suspension Notification from Phoenix VPS.So unstable services and technology.Then I decided to refund.But they still didn't face the issue with my refund request.

Then I request paypal dispute.But I failed .And they cancelled all my vps.Today they mark my service as fraud and told me Filing a false dispute or chargeback is considered fraud in the Unite States. You are being charged a $100 administrative fee for that and we are also reporting you to Fraud Record.

I'm go crazy.they don't like chinese user.They offen didn't face the issue.They are too bad faith and no sense of responsibility.



  • There was an issue with Paypal's API which affected a few providers so this indeed was the case.

  • @roiz before you 'decided to refund' did you contact them and explain the problem?

  • roizroiz Member

    @doughmanes But they never deal with.So that my vps Suspension

  • roizroiz Member

    @craigb I already Submit a support three times.But They didn't face the issue.

  • @roiz didn't reply or what? FYI, support is generally slower at most providers during the weekend

  • @roiz Myabe next time try to be patient, since you are using PayPal you have enough time to get back the money.

  • budingyunbudingyun Member
    edited April 2013

    They're good. Maybe you just have a bad luck in this case.

  • If its all really about money issue - I think it can be resolved. Marcm is pretty active here, I think you can trying paying them with any other way and keep the node. I havent had seen badreviews about them, I ll advise if you were satisfied with the performance and network of VPS, stay with them and resolve the issue actually. Such problems can be dealt easily.

  • roizroiz Member

    @craigb I submit the ticket Working days

  • roizroiz Member

    @budingyun They do not have a sense of responsibility Do not face the problem

  • roizroiz Member

    @darknessends you can see here badreviews They do not have a sense of responsibility Do not face the problem

  • @roiz In that thread as well the customer has been found unreasonable and everyone in this forum agreed that

  • @roiz said: @craigb I submit the ticket Working days

    "Business Day" = Monday through Friday in the United States.

    Some sales/billing departments are not open on the weekend, with some companies, and before somebody screams - some companies do split the responsibility between billing/sales and support which is great because it keeps sales/billing issues consistent rather than having your support guys handle billing.

    @roiz said: @budingyun They do not have a sense of responsibility Do not face the problem

    You'll dig up whatever on the Internet to justify your problem is not a great way to explain YOUR specific issue.

  • @marcm could you provide clarification on this issue?

  • marcmmarcm Member
    edited April 2013

    I will spare you guys a TL;DR with an elaborate explanation because no one likes to read a long story and I personally hate drama.

    Here is what happened: recently we had issues with the PayPal API, some transactions were signaled back to our WHMCS setup and some were not. Because of this we have disabled automatic service suspension and told customers to ignore any "overdue invoice" emails. A few hours ago we have fixed the issue and it turns out that unless you use your primary email address with the PayPal API, you will get buggy API responses. Anyway, this has been fixed.

    In regards to Mr. @roiz here: We did not treat him any different from any other customer. He had with us a 512MB VPS and ordered two more 256MB VPS servers on the 23rd of April. Mr. @roiz was affected from the PayPal API issue as well, and he was annoyed by the "unpaid invoice" emails sent from WHMCS which I've asked him repeatedly to ignore because we would have billing add his payment manually to his account.
    Edit: In order to avoid any confusion I would like to add that we activated one 512MB Xen VPS on 09/27/2012 and two 256MB Xen VPS on 04/22/2013. Mr. @roiz was an old customer, so the events that transpired are even more so regrettable. We also have the server logs that show that his services were delivered to him, were active and that he used them (all of them).

    Then without notice Mr. @roiz filed 3 separate PayPal disputes (two for $4 each and one for $7) for which I had to call PayPal twice and explain to them what happened and why my customer has filed the disputes. PayPal declined his claims on the spot, so Mr. @roiz is now here trying to damage the reputation of my company because he lost the PayPal disputes that he filed for no good reason.

    Filing chargebacks in the United States (and other countries) under false pretenses is considered fraud and I marked his account accordingly.

    Sadly Mr. @roiz is also cross posting:

    Dear @Liam or @Infinity or any other moderator / administrator please change the topic of this thread to reflect the issue at hand more accordingly. Thank you.

  • @marcm said: A few hours ago we have fixed the issue and it turns out that unless you use your primary email address with the PayPal API, you will get buggy API responses. Anyway, this has been fixed.

    You need your primary email there in WHMCS but you can use any additional emails you have setup to.

    In WHMCS you just enter [email protected], [email protected] in the email address field and it will work just fine (had same issue but haven't used it in months now so may want to contact WHMCS to verify)

  • marcmmarcm Member

    @Patrick - We changed the primary PayPal address because we have multiple businesses. Regardless, we used PayPal before in WHMCS with a secondary email address and we didn't have any issues. However we keep a close eye on our payment methods and customer accounts.

    I appreciate the tip, thank you.

  • roizroiz Member

    @marcm I just tell the truth.You suspension my vps when I paid so I can't bear it so I request refund.You do not respond.So I have to PayPal disputes

  • @marcm be honest for once...
    The fault is yours, your payment system didn't work, the VPS were suspended without reason, the invoices weren't marked as paid even if payment was sent.
    Clearly you're the only one responsible (with PayPal, but this is your payment processor). And if one would need to be reported to FraudRecord, that would be you.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    @marcm completely agree with your actions +1

    @roiz you are completely unreasonable and you were only suspended AFTER opening disputes which is obviously going to happen.

  • roizroiz Member

    @doughmanes@craigb@Noerman@budingyun@hostingwizard_net@Patrick@serverian@DalComp@ftpit Now They disable my account without Justification and notification.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    @hostingwizard_net said: @marcm be honest for once...

    Aggressive much? last I checked @marcm was a great community member who contributes a lot, I dont think you should come here and just call him a liar. it is clear that the servers were suspended AFTER the dispute which is why the user came here the initial issues were resolved and the user notified of what the issues were in advance what else could he have done?

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    @roiz said: without Justification and notification.

    paypal dispute = instant ban and termination with all hosts... simple.

  • roizroiz Member

    @hostingwizard_net @AnthonySmith I just want to deal with them normally.But the never response me three times.So I have to opening disputes.
    me - Client
    please help me refund.I can't bear your service.Now my vps is Suspension.I already ask you what happened with my invoice.You told me Don't warry.But its already Suspension as of Overdue on Payment.I can not trust you again.
    04/24/2013 03:15
    Marc M. - Staff
    Look, you don't really have a problem. I will close your ticket now and our billing department will add your PayPal payment soon to your account.

    Kind regards,
    04/24/2013 02:50
    me - Client
    I submit the ticket yesterday.And I try 2 times.Then you reply me with no regret. your service made me disappointed.And I'me an old customer on disappointed

    04/24/2013 02:42
    xx. - Staff
    The problem is with PayPal API. We received your payment. We will add it manually to your account. Don't worry, your service is fine.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    04/24/2013 02:41
    me - Client
    please reply my ticket .What's wrong with it?
    04/23/2013 20:43
    me - Client
    I already paid my serivce .But the invoice shows unpaid.What's wrong with it?

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    That shows the host saying your service is not suspended, what is the problem, you are showing 2 replies from @marcm

    Honestly.. he has explained the problem to you over and over your English is so bad you just do not understand, trust me if your English was better you would just be going "Ah ok I understand" maybe someone can translate it for you, what Language do you speak?

  • roizroiz Member

    @AnthonySmith I just think you're a partner with them.You are not neutral

  • @roiz, just answer this:

    Were your VPS suspended before you file a dispute with paypal or after?

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    @roiz said: I just think you're a partner with them.You are not neutral

    Flannel Dungarees, that is all.

  • @AnthonySmith said: what Language do you speak?

    He is Chinese.

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