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[RESOLVED] CloudShards / Liquid-Solutions - head's up for customers
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[RESOLVED] CloudShards / Liquid-Solutions - head's up for customers

grostongroston Member
edited February 2015 in Providers

I signed up for a Liquid-Solutions VPS in Jan 2014 and moved my site to their servers. As all LowEndTalk readers are probably aware, CloudShards acquired Liquid-Solutions in July 2014 and all accounts were moved over to CloudShards.

When my VPS came due for renewal, I received invoices from both Liquid-Solutions and CloudShards. Knowing that Liquid-Solutions had been acquired, I paid the renewal to CloudShards. Sadly, they still don't have their act together.

After having paid CloudShards, I received a second invoice from Liquid-Solutions. I sent an email to CloudShards billing and received the following (as a partial reply):

Any service that you may have there will continue to be invoiced by them. We haven't merged the management interfaces yet.

Today, I received a past due notice from Liquid-Solutions. I sent them a copy of my receipt and made sure to cc CloudShards billing.

Thus far, I have had no complaints about the services provided. I certainly hope that they straighten out this issue and that my service is not interrupted.


  • jarjar Provider

    What method did you use to pay the renewal to CloudShards billing system? If they did not generate an invoice in that system, I wouldn't expect them to accept billing there. This may not be obvious to you, so don't think that I'm implying that it should be, but around here it's pretty standard as we're used to dealing with companies with multiple brands. You always want to pay the generated invoice unless you have an agreement beforehand.

  • I logged onto the CloudShards system, clicked my invoice, and paid with PayPal. CloudShards acknowledged receipt of my payment. The problem is that Liquid-Solutions seems to think that I owe them money, even though Liquid-Solutions is CloudShards...

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  • jarjar Provider

    If it generated an invoice in both billing systems I would consider that to be a problem, especially if one is not honored and the other is. The inconvenience of such, if I am understanding the situation correctly, should be their burden. So unless I am mistaken about what happened, you have a valid complaint.

  • WintereiseWintereise Member
    edited February 2015

    I'm honestly not sure what purpose your 'heads up' serves, you were notified that you can freely ignore the LH invoice and that it would not affect any of your services that were moved over.

    If it's been paid on this interface, and your service is on the CS interface -- you may freely ignore the LH invoice.
    The systems are separated, and not correlated. Issues there will not affect your account here.
    Please open a billing ticket at LH to get to the bottom of why you're still being invoiced there.

    The extra invoice is most likely the result of the service not being automatically removed on the LH instance, and this will be manually dealt with.

    There is nothing at all to worry about. The quoted reply had been sent to you on Tuesday 10th February at 18:12, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

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  • All,

    Thank you CloudShards team.

    The problem has been resolved. For some unknown reason, I never received (via email) the notice quoted above, thus was concerned.

  • cloudshards is a good company, no worries

  • groston said: All,

    Thank you CloudShards team.

    Would you mind contacting the mods and having this thread removed or at least having the title updated then?

  • Thanks! Updated the title before MarkTurner sees it :-p

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