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Server options for EMBY
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Server options for EMBY

edited August 24 in Requests

Hi guys,

I'm currently looking for a server I can setup EMBY for around 200/300 users (estimated 100 concurrent).

4k transcoding is not required but would be good to have 1080p for some users if needed.

Basic requirements:
Location: EU
Bandwidth: 1Gbps Unmetered (potential to upgrade to 10Gbps)
Storage: Minimum 20TB (Storage box?)
Budget: Fairly open to any options. Don't mind paying a bit more if reliability is better.

Thanks in advance.


  • Useful would be how many concurrent people are you designing for? 200/300 users, but any estimated design?

    For example, you might have really active 200/300 users meaning your server design should be beefier than what others would recommend.

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  • RTVRTV Member

    Very good question, potentially 100 concurrent but a bit of an unknown at the moment.

  • sotssots Member

    You want to setup Emby? Do you need DMCA ignored servers?

  • Avoid transcoding as much as you can, because you will need a beefy server for that.

    You could use one of Ikoula's (I)GPU servers for transcoding (, and use a Hetzner storage box for storage (

    It will get quite expensive though.

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  • sunnygsunnyg Member

    Speak with Andy10gbit He's some what of a Plex/Emby expert. He should be able to guide you with the right server build and probably help out with software configuration as well.

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  • RTVRTV Member

    Thank you guys, all very helpful!

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