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Decent VPS for DayZ server around 30 euros.
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Decent VPS for DayZ server around 30 euros.

AlanoAlano Member
edited May 30 in Help

Hi there, my first message :)

So I'm running a VPS at to host my little dayz server.
Recently my players base has increased and I'm looking for something better.
Dayz server is well not optimized and runs mostly on single core and likes higher GHz.
The current 6x epyc 7282 @ 2.8 GHz, 16Gb of ram and an ssd is not bad but with 20 player my tickrate drops to 150-200. If it drops below 60 I'll get in trouble with desyncs on the server etc. In idle I'm getting 3,5k fps.
For comparison on my PC with Ryzen 5 2600 on idle the server generates 9k tickrate.
Is there something better in price range around 30 euros? I'm looking but nothing catches my eye.
Dayz is currently only available for Windows
It doesn't need to be server edition, I can buy a 10 Pro license and I'll run fine on that so custom Isos would be a nice add on.
Don't want to go straight dedicated machine because who knows how the server will do and it's a waste of money for now.
Edit: Forgot about localization, it musts be Europe.
Thanks :)


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