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2012-Q1 top providers options.
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2012-Q1 top providers options.

thekreekthekreek Member
edited February 2012 in Providers

Its been a while since we had a vote session for top providers, since the first quarter of 2012 it's near, I think we should be starting on this matter.

My votes are:
1. Hostigation (stable, good resources, stock availability)
2. SecureDragon (stable, good resources, stock availability, only thing missing is KVM support)
3. This one its difficult, its between BuyVM and KiloServe (stable, good resources, no stock availability :( )

Who do you vote for?

Remember the rules:

  • one vote per person
  • only 3 providers on each vote
  • specify the reasons


  • @DotVPS When your looking for full virtualization (KVM, VMWare, Xen-HVM, QEMU, etc...) its alright.

    If memory doesn't fail me, I believe that Xen is only PV with SecureDragon.

  • ClintonClinton Member
    edited February 2012

    We offer Xen HVM on request same price as Xen PV (That way you can run just about anything you want). Our regular offers are Xen PV though.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Ah the damn stock controversy.


  • Providers of the Q1. What about the new providers around here, like asura, bluevm, ipxcore, easevps?

  • @yomero rookie of the month/year? :D

  • @Mon5t3r said: @yomero rookie of the month/year? :D

    Something like that. But I mean, some new providers can be better than the old providers in some moment.

  • @yomero
    Don't forget me! -raises hand-

  • Ladies and gentleman please try to follow the original post "Vote for your favorite providers on Q1-2012".

    Anything else, make a new discussion or follow another one.


    @Francisco, yes its a controversy but also helps you provide a good service, you have your own rules and I believe most of us respect them.
    @yomero, those are my votes, I have used most of them, regarding new providers I haven't been able to test them properly.

  • I can't decide between Hostigation and SecureDragon for first place. 3rd would be Kiloserve only because it's on the west coast.

  • VPSfanVPSfan Member
    edited February 2012

    1) Kiloserve - I have their Xen plan, incredible IO and CPU speeds and stable
    2) Hostigation - Rock solid and very fast too. Very happy I snuck in when they had stock.

    These 2 are head and shoulders above any other VPS I've used (maybe 12 companies tried).

    It's obvious Kiloserve and Hostigation don't oversell.

    I don't have a #3, to be honest I've had some very bad luck with LEB providers/scams/deadpool lately.

    I'm a little upset/wary of the low end market right now with all this deadpool and my data being lost.

    I had 5 VPS that sucked REALLY bad. Both my RapidoVPS and EnetSouth VPS are gone. I had one that was down for more than 5 days with no response from support. I'll get rid of this one when I find a replacement. The others are just slow POS.

    It's been a year now that I have used Budget VPS and it's really hit and miss...mostly sucky performance servers.

    Still haven't been able to get a BuyVM either and KiloServe hasn't had stock on KVM ever since I heard of their specials.

    I hear alot of good things about SecureDragon but haven't tried it but I think I will soon.

  • 1) Ramhost (Tinyvz) - $15/yr and great access from Eastern Europe. Good speeds over VPN (although they are facing the same no stock problems as other quality providers)

    2) Securedragon - O96 plan - Also great access and speed over VPN from eastern europe - also like the attitude of Kujoe on the forums...

    3) Quickweb - Little pricier, but the speeds are great to Washington DC. Probably going to have to drop them though, as it's too expensive just for VPN server :( They would probably be #1 if it wasn't for the huge price difference...

    Honorable mention : BUYVM - I have 3 VPS's with them which work great. Only two strikes against them is that they are west coast, and the quirky Geo-location thing with their IP addresses annoys me. There is a workaround which works, but nonetheless is a little annoying... Support is bang on, and they really know their stuff... How 'bout some east coast action Fran!

    Looking to try out hostigation in the next couple weeks (backup plan) -- the price looks fantastic and it's east coast!

  • FranciscoFrancisco Member, Top Host, Host Rep
    edited February 2012

    @kendid said: How 'bout some east coast action Fran!

    Give us a month or two ;)

    We're just finishing things on the west coast then we'll get things shipped to the east.

    @kendid said: quirky Geo-location thing with their IP addresses annoys me.

    I'm hoping to have this addressed fully in the coming month as I get maxmind/etc updated. :)


  • 1), Ramhost, been there for 2 years now, never had any problems, and the support is fast and good, and notifications and insight are very nice to see from a provider.
    2), BuyVM, just works, support is good also, and if something is going on then they'll let you know.
    3), No 3rd one yet, maybe inceptionhosting but i've been there for to short to judge...

    If a provider keeps the network and the host machine up and at a reasonable speed (network, cpu and disks), does not run off with my money and answers the incidental support I need then I think they are a good provider. But in this time that seems to be a hard task for some providers...

  • 1.) Quickweb, having 100% uptime for more than a year now, my german lowend box is still performing awesome.
    2.) Edis, Edis gives you a really good performance for reasonable prices, you also have a wide choose of locations and they have SSD servers aswell :)
    3.) SecureDragon, I really like the rock solid service from them too. They are third because they only have US servers, and I prefer EU.

    I'm also satisfied with them:
    Ramhost, Alvotech, Carstensz Pyramid Server, BuyVM

    I think LEB providers are gaining quality nowadays. We now have a bunch of reliable providers.

    Thanked by 1Amfy
  • @Francisco said: Give us a month or two ;)

    We're just finishing things on the west coast then we'll get things shipped to the east.

    How about getting into Europe? :)

  • FranciscoFrancisco Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    East coast is about as close to europe as we're going to get for now.


  • @kendid said: Quickweb - Little pricier, but the speeds are great to Washington DC

    Disk i/o (tested with io ping and discussed with them) on their DE node is pure crap. So maybe their Washington node is fine, but their European one offers really poor disk performance.

    I voted KuJoe's SecureDragon best startup of 2011, and I still enjoy their service, and since i'm European and they are located in the East Coast I think they are the best offshore provider. I have both a OpenVZ and XEN and both rock.

    so for me
    1) Secure Dragon (US - Florida)
    2) OpenITC XenVZ (UK)
    3) XenSmart (UK)

  • 1) Vooserver: it just works and IF there is a an issue they directly mail the users about it, never seen this with any other provider
    2) BuyVM: good price/quality
    3) great support - warns users when there is an issue and works hard and quick to get it solved

  • fanfan Member
    edited February 2012

    1) DreamServers: Decent performance and unbeatable performance/price ratio - infinity.

    2) Hostigation: Nice performance for the price, nice connectivity, nice support.

    3) BuyVM: Perhaps I'm going to drop my current OVZ one and get a KVM instead, but the $15/yr is still an amazing offer.

    These are also good: Ramhost, CorgiTech and AllGamer (just got it for a couple of days so I'm waiting to see how things go later).

  • This is the most biased list, Ever!

    Here is my own List:
    1. HudsonValleyHost
    3. OpenITC

  • Are these supposed to all be lowend? Seems some of the prices are pretty high on their websites, or have people picked them up on cheap on special???

    i.e. : kiloserve (starter - $10.99/mo), (lowest pounds 8.95)... etc...

    Is there a price limit that specifies whether it's lowend or not? Seems to me I remember reading that somewhere...

  • @kendid It's £4.85 first month @ UK2 but I had to upgrade my CPU and RAM since I have two of them one as the frontend of WHMCS and one as the backend.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    I assume votes from other hosts are ok too as long as its not a self vote?

    1) Quickweb
    2) XenVZ (Open ITC)
    3) XenSmart

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited February 2012

    My list would be Hostigation, SecureDragon, KiloServe and IPXcore (they are actually pretty good).

  • Here is mine,
    1) 123systems
    2) Hostigation
    3) KiloServe

  • 1) Kiloserve - A fantastic provider. I can't come up with any complaints with them - top speeds, great uptime and friendly support.

    2) BuyVM - Pretty much as above - Top speeds, great uptime and always kept informed of anything happening to the nodes i'm on. :)

    3) My only other VPS is with YardVPS - Fantastic uptime on an old $15/yr VPS, but my 2 experiences (several months apart) on their Xen plans were horrific, so no vote to them from me unfortunately. :(

  • @yomero said: some new providers can be better than the old providers in some moment.

    Absolutely agree, and if they can gain the votes, they deserve the spoils of victory

  • I haven't tried many of the well known LEB providers, but for me...

    1) RamHost, great host and excellent performance. I have 2 KVM's from them still and still intend to keep them.
    2) ChicagoVPS, very cheap and fast support. I no longer use them, but was definitely good for me when I did.

  • Maybe we should take more than 3.

    Edis is awesome, XenVZ / OpenITC is awesome, KiloServer is great, Hostigation is great, Quickweb seems great, XenVZ / OpenITC is awesome, Inceptionshosting is also cool, SecuredSpeed is great and there are many others. Mh, should somebody creates a small voting page?

  • @Amfy said: Edis is awesome, XenVZ / OpenITC is awesome

    Yeah, EDIS and XenVZ are also my favourites from quality vs price point of view.

    @dirk said: 1) Vooserver: it just works and IF there is a an issue they directly mail the users about it, never seen this with any other provider great support - warns users when there is an issue and works hard and quick to get it solved

    Vooserver and You don't fall on hype and prefer real quality, a? :)

    Thanked by 1Amfy
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