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Dallas Colocation Provider Advice
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Dallas Colocation Provider Advice

Hello, I'm looking for a 1U colocation provider in Dallas who can provide 4 amps at 120v and provides DDoS protection, hopefully around 100-130 dollars a month or less. The main company I was looking at was Fiberhub, but I was also looking at Nextarray. Does anyone have any past experiences with those companies/other companies that would be better? I would be running game servers, so I would want pretty good DDoS protection, not just the bare minimum.

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  • I have a server with @Ian_Dot_Tech. Really good service.

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  • dustincdustinc Member, Patron Provider, Top Host

    Psychz may be a good fit for you. Get in touch with their sales team, George is a cool dude.

  • Not_OlesNot_Oles Moderator, Patron Provider
    edited January 2022

    Hi @Joe1254 !

    Following @imok I also strongly recommend @Ian_Dot_Tech. Like @imok, I do colo a server with Ian and Amit. They have a lot of experience with colocation, with game servers, and with all the issues surrounding excellent DDOS protection. They're promptly on top of every issue and every ticket! Since you want to colo a game server in Dallas, it probably would be impossible for you to find a better place to put it than!

    Best wishes and kindest regards,


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  • aquaaqua Member, Patron Provider
    edited January 2022

    I've been using @Ian_Dot_Tech for roughly a year and a half, no complaints, super responsive, and helpful.

    They just recently added in and its been working phenomenally :smile:

    Believe his pricing would be $95/mo for 1U, 4A, 10TB @ 1GBPS, DDoS Protected, etc.

  • Ian_Dot_TechIan_Dot_Tech Member, Patron Provider

    Wow guys, thanks for the support! @imok @Not_Oles @aqua

    @Joe1254 In our Dallas, TX location your requirements with us would be the following

    1U Colocation
    1amp @ 120V
    10TB Bandwidth on 1Gbps port
    DDoS protection powered by
    IPv4 /29 (5 usable IPs) + IPv6 /64

    Addtional amp $20/month (times 3) total $60/month

    The total cost of colocation is $95/month.

    Unfortunately, right now we are completely sold out on colocation. If you want to add me on Discord I can put you on a waiting list for when we do have servers come back in stock.

    Discord: Ian.D#8515

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  • cubedatacubedata Member, Patron Provider

    CubeData use Psychz in Dallas, and there have been no problems with anything.
    Contact Mayra at Psychz, she is always nice and super helpful.

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