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Can You Recommend a Good Free Dynamic DNS?
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Can You Recommend a Good Free Dynamic DNS?

emgemg Member
edited September 2013 in General

For years I used to track my home network IP address, so I could connect remotely into the family computers while traveling on business. gave me an [xyz] name. I have a small old Mac mini server at home (PowerPC, Mac OS 10.5.x Leopard) that sends periodic updates to, containing the correct dynamic (DHCP) IP address assigned to our home network by the ISP.

The problem is that got more and more restrictive regarding their free service, even though I have only one domain with them. Now they expect me to login once a month to authenticate, or they will drop the free service. Obviously they are pushing for me to switch to their paid service.

Can someone here recommend a good, free, reliable dynamic DNS service for one domain? Their IP updater must run on an old Mac (PowerPC, 10.5.x) server.


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