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Free Web Hosting For Charities
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Free Web Hosting For Charities

Hello Everyone!

Today at Coast Hosting we launched a very special program offering free shared web hosting to non profit organizations and charities. Although many providers do offer this sort of service we're are just throwing our hat in to help also. Kindness goes a long way.

How to apply for free hosting

To qualify all you need to do is click here and register an account with us. Once you have registered with Coast Hosting please open up a support ticket from the Coast Hosting client area with the name of your organization and what the nature of your organization does. We also require proof that your charity is registered not for profit which you can attach to the support ticket.

Once we receive your request we will review and be in touch.

Please note we are only offering free web hosting and not domain registration.

Limited spaces available

Specs of Free Web Hosting are

1 Hosted Domain
2GB Fast SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domains
2 FTP Accounts
2 MySQL Databases
5 Mailing Lists
2 Email Accounts
cPanel (Control Panel)
Free Daily Backups
LiteSpeed Web Server

Please only apply if you have legitimate reason to.

Warm Regards
Coast Hosting


  • Yeah you may get 1 signup at most because of the registered not for profit

  • CoastHostingCoastHosting Member, Host Rep

    @skorupion said:
    Yeah you may get 1 signup at most because of the registered not for profit

    We are open to all on a case by case basis. if you can prove you have a legitimate good cause.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    But then those unregistered charities are not really charities, either.

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited October 2021

    Is a student club at a university eligible?
    Student clubs are not for profit, but they are not registered with the government, and only registered with the university.

    Is the Nigh Sect eligible?
    Nigh Sect is not for profit, but they are not registered with the government, and only registered with LET drama division.

    Thanked by 1dahartigan
  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    The sect isn't a charity. It's an educational entity. It doesn't generate profits but it's not non-profit, either. If it ever generate profits, someone within the sect will take it, for sure.

    Thanked by 2dahartigan devp
  • @deank said: someone

    This was my primary reason for joining the nigh sect. I want to work my way into a position where I handle the collection plate so I can make sure the funds are funneled appropriately into my swiss bank accounts.

    Pastor gotta have himself a nice house.. HUH!

    Thanked by 1devp
  • CoastHostingCoastHosting Member, Host Rep

    Just to add, please don't use VPN when signing up our fraud detection system will alert and your request will be declined

  • my friends runs pet charity, esp, for injured dogs and orphaned pups. I've recently made a 5 page site, with photo gallery about their work (for free, as i <3 pets) so will ask them if they need free hosting. IDK details about their charity status. But will give this link :-)

    Thanked by 1CoastHosting
  • @deank said:
    The sect isn't a charity. It's an educational entity.

    More like cancer research but for PMS.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    @jmgcaguicla said:
    More like cancer research but for PMS.

    That sounds so noble. Just to be clear through, the sect does some research about male PMS. We all know why females have PMS, so female PMS doesn't need any research for cure.

    Male PMS is a very curious case.

    We believe that male PMS is a mysterious case of male testes producing progesterone instead of estrogen. Basically, their balls are acting as ovaries instead of real balls.

    Its treatment is complicated. Most males having PMS sternly reject a gender change because they strongly believe that they are males when in fact they are closer to being women. It is a psychological barrier more than anything else.

    Once they accept that they are in fact homosexuals, they are more than willing to undergo a gender alternation and become a trans.

    In conclusion, male PMS is a psychological gender confusion caused by mutated testes.

    Thus, the end is nigh.

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