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Providers - Feel Good Customer Support Stories
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Providers - Feel Good Customer Support Stories

Respecting customer privacy, I'm curious to hear from LET providers some of their favorite feel good customer support stories. Situations where after ticket resolution, you patted yourself on the back and said this is why you got into the business.

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  • not on frame
    all about provider here
    rating/judge for provider
    not the client who is the play

    and jbiloh is illuminati :D :D :D

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  • This one time, at Hostdoc, I.....

  • jarjar Patron Provider

    Back when I did web hosting support one of my favorite things, and I'll be non-specific because the generics of it really do it justice, was supporting someone else's success.

    Quite often I'd find myself working with a customer who was famous in some way. Several big musicians. One supporting an official event for one of the most successful Netflix series to date (I passed that off to a more seasoned admin and cheered him on). Experts in their field. Influencers. Anyway, wide range. You might think they'd have professional teams ensuring the stability of their web apps but, frankly, not always true. One of the bands I'd do work for was big in a lot of comedy movies, and they had a VPS at HostGator.

    They'd hit big traffic moments and they just couldn't keep up. In a pinch, they really didn't have anyone to call. So that's where I'd be, single handedly holding their websites on my shoulders and tweaking them in production to make sure they didn't lose valuable traffic. Being successful is cool, but helping someone else be successful is super fun. They work hard, they put their talent out there, and they just didn't know how to fix this one thing. That's when I got to say: I got you, you go be awesome.

  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited July 2021

    Stardate 1302.8, San Francisco.

    Just as I'm ready to shut the doors of yoursunny summer host sales office and spend the weekend with my snake collection, a customer rushed in.
    The customer shouted hurriedly: my storage server in Midwest Eurasia is involucrated, routing announcement is withdrawn, all my family memories are gone, can you help?

    I opened my sleepy eyes, downed a bottle of Red Bull, and immediately started helping this customer.
    I sent a robot to the garden where her storage server was located, and provisioned a new storage server in our luna location.
    Within seconds, the robot found the original server and plugged into its USB port, and her precious data were being cloned to our infrastructure.
    At the same time, I was busy engraving a golden key card that contains a private key to decrypt the data.

    15 minutes later, data restoration was complete, and I opened up the portal room.
    The customer swiped the card, a colorful cloud appeared on the portal.
    Inside, there's a faint wall of text:


    She hesitated for a moment, muttered a few words like "YABS" and "double bandwidth", and then walked into the portal.
    As the cloud settled, she had been teleported to a dedicated black hole, and would live with her loving family for an eternity.

    I checked the accounting record, and saw her remain assets in this world consolidated to our company account.
    After all, once she entered the black hole, there's no way out, so she wouldn't need those assets anymore.

    The end.

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    @yoursunny mate I need the drugs you take ;)

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