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As the title says all of my servers with Skynode are offline due to network issue.

Their initial email -

    Dear Customers, 

    Please be advised that today's server unavailability results from a 
    fiber interruption in the Warsaw-Wyszków relationship. We are currently 
    switching resources to backup routes. The time of fixing the failure at 
    the moment is not known yet. 

    Skynode team,

Then another mail after 9 hours -

Dear Customers, 
Currently, the emergency route is being prepared, these works, despite 
the involvement of our technical team and the technical team of the 
cable operator, will last until morning. 
The failure was independent of Infrastructure and located in 
Infrastructure of our suppliers. The issue occured because of unplanned 
maintenance works performed on two independent highly-available 
routes.In order to eliminate such situations in the future, we have 
decided to launch our own optical fibers on the Warsaw - Data Center 
Wyszków route. The implementation of this investment will take place 
within the next two months. This will protect our Data Center and your 
resources against the effects of physical damage to optical fibers, 
which are the most difficult and longest network failures to remove. 
DC2 and DC3 colocated services work correctly. 
We apologize for this situation and we would like to make you sure that 
we will do our best to avoid such situations in the future. At the same 
time, we would like to inform you that we will start individual 
discussions with each affected customer. 
Skynode team

It's more than 20 hours now and also their promised restoration time is over.

GOD Knows what's going on and when the servers are going to come back online.

Just wanted to share with everyone. "2021" The year of disasters :'(



  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

    @wa44io4 said: GOD Knows what's going on and when the servers are going to come back online.

    Fiber cuts sometimes take longer to restore.

  • wa44io4wa44io4 Member
    edited May 2021

    @AlexBarakov said: Fiber cuts sometimes take longer to restore.

    I understand and also they don't have any backup routes. I guess it's going to take another day maybe.

  • wa44io4wa44io4 Member

    and just now -

    Dear Customers, 
    We would like to inform you that the services have been launched and are 
    working properly. 
    We will inform you about the next steps. 
    Skynode team, 
    Thanked by 1stdeyna
  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited May 2021

    My push-up video repository is deployed on WebHorizon Warsaw and it was affected by this incident.
    This landed me on the not working website wall of shame.

    Nevertheless, I do not blame provider for this.
    I took this as a sign to setup a second replica in Nexril Dallas.
    The awesome push-up videos are back in no time.

    Every thread is a push-up thread.

    When I see there's a "MAJOR incident" at the data center, I'm picturing this:

    Well, it's just two link failures happening at the same time.

    My box came back online after a downtime of 20 hours and 54 minutes.
    There were no reboot occurred.
    The data center is not on fire.

    Throw away your popcorn.

  • No drama ~ no party ~ no popcorn

  • BlaZeBlaZe Member, Host Rep

    @isunbejo said:
    No drama ~ no party ~ no popcorn

    Amen brother, amen!

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