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Ovh server to ovh vps
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Ovh server to ovh vps

music7698music7698 Member
edited April 2018 in General

I have buy Oneprovider Montreal it's 1270v6. 1gbps port,I saw the information if server to server 1gbps port for Internal network

If I buy few ovh Canada vps,from Oneprovider Montreal to ovh Canada vps, is it can 1gbps port?


  • OVH VPS are limited to 100Mbps as far as i’m aware?? Public cloud is up to 500Mbps.

  • music7698music7698 Member
    edited April 2018

    Yes so if I buy 10 vps,the vps total can use 1 gbps??

  • @music7698 said:
    Yes so if I buy 10 vps,the vps total can use 1 gbps??

    Combined yes, 100Mbps per VPS.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll


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  • zevuszevus Member
    edited April 2018

    I have a oneprovider 'cloud' vps in montreal, that is resold from OVH, it is the $5 a month one.

    I've never tested this bandwidth limit, but I seemed to recall it being over 10MB/s, from when I initially transferred stuff over there from Dacentec.

    So, I found some fancy torrent and got this;

    receive data/ send data

    25M 354k

    26M 400k

    26M 416k

    23M 501k

    after killing the DLing;

    830k 21M

    925k 21M

    585k 20M

    580k 21M

    (I think there just wasn't enough people to upload to though)

    anyway, mixed;

    21M 14M

    20M 18M

    21M 14M

    20M 15M

    So it must be 250Mbps. Forget how to do tables, so I guess I'll add some carriage returns for better formatting, laugh.

    ed: removed some results. so is neither 100Mbps or 500Mbps?

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