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VPS for streaming music to Nexus tablet
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VPS for streaming music to Nexus tablet

BlazeMuisBlazeMuis Member
edited April 2013 in General


I only got 8GB of space (6gb usable) on my Nexus 7 and i don't want to waste that space for music so i went on Google for some time to look for something that can stream music to my Nexus 7 tablet and i came across MPDroid which looks really usefull for this

I'm now looking for a provider which allows streaming music (will be private, only me)
Need around 75gb space (yes, i have alot of music)
Music will be streamed at 320kbps (~50 kb/s) so if i would stream music 24/7 a whole month it will take around 128GB of traffic (this is not going to happen ofcourse)
Would be glad with ~100GB traffic
Connectivity needs to be really good to The Netherlands

If you allow streaming music then please contact me with a great offer :)


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