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OVH increased cost for AntiDDOS again
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OVH increased cost for AntiDDOS again

NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor
edited October 2017 in General


In 2013, our customers suffered many attacks from Dos. At that time we could not
protect them because we did not have Anti Dos. It is a technology that costs
extremely expensive for 2 reasons:
the capacity of interconnections must be increased to avoid saturation between
sources and our network
the system that intercepts the Dos must be installed and cleaned without
In the course of 2013, we had discussed together on ovh mailing-lists with our customers,
and we decided to change the price of our 2nd month services for 12 months in order to
to finance the VAC: our Anti-Dos. It is by pooling all these heavy investments in
through all the customers that we were able to set up an Anti Dos that protects all
customers, by default, at very low unit cost per customer.
Today, our network is doing well despite cashing more than 200 Dos per
day with a very large DOS of 20 per week. You do not notice any
this technology that works in the shade. The Dos are an ancient story and
speaks practically more

To achieve this level of performance, we have invested heavily in the
Europe, the USA and recently in Asia. It is through this global network that we can
receive each back to its closest source and clean it the fastest
possible. It is thanks to 12tbps of network capacity and 4tbps of anti-ddos capacity that
you can develop your business at OVH by remaining serene.
Even though today the VAC is working very well, we need to continue
develop and continue to develop the network all over the world. We
must develop private and public peering with the maximum number of actors in order to
the unused capabilities, ready to move the DOS to our network. This goes through
the introduction of new POPs in the world, investment in new
routers, peering negotiations, more and more often paying.
We know that the war against the Dos is a race against time and
today, we keep ahead, we could very quickly revive the
situation in 2013 related to under-investment in technology. I do not want to live again
the situation where I was forced to tell you that your service is down because there is a Back
and I am unable to help you Anti-back is part of a basic service and we
we must be at the forefront of technology.

This is why we have decided to charge for this service in including by default in
each service that we offer you. In this way, we'll have real tools
to go much further in the fight against insecurity on our network, and the better you
protect We need to build Anti Dos NextGen the one that will offer the
ALS, even if you get Back, you ensure the quality of service even if you
receive 1tbps Back. Today no one proposes and to our level, and we
made the Best Effort.

For dedicated servers, the cost of Anti-DDoS will be +1 € / month for Kimsufi, +2 € / month for SoYouStart, +5 € / month for OVH servers with 1Gbps network and +10 € / month for OVH servers with 10Gbps / 25Gbps / 40Gbps network. For VPS, the cost of Anti-DDoS will be +1 € / month. For Public Cloud, the cost of Anti-DDoS will be + 2 € / month for VMs in public bandwidth 250Mbps and + 5 € / month for VMs in public bandwidth of 500Mbps. We do not touch the price of dedicated Game servers that already pay the Anti-DDoS GAME in the price

The price change is for new customers but also existing customers. For
new customers, we will change the prices on the website within 2 weeks. For customers
existing, we will send in the coming days an email to all customers, for a
price change will apply from the first day of December. Also, prior to this date,
you can renew your service for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, with the current price

It is rare for existing clients to be asked to contribute once the service has been
subscribed Yes, it has been done only twice during the last 18 years: in 2013, with the
Dos, and in 2016 linked to the exchange rate EUR USD or GBP EUR This will be
the third time: to continue investing in the network, capacity,
Anti -Dos technology and offer you the service at the top, with a monthly price predictable
and without having to pay the options. We continue to think that the protection of our customers makes
part of our default work Today, we pass step or we finally put a price on
this service.
Thank you for the trust you give us every day I do not like to change
the rules of the game for a service in progress. Right there I do not see another possibility for
to deliver you quality by continuing to innovate

Thanks for your understanding.




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  • Well I'm glad my $2.70 cent ovh game vps isn't going to cost me anymore money. On the bright side their ddos protection doesn't have a choking point of 20g anymore. They switched out to their shield and armor according to their website which is sopposedly 600g per vac

  • eva2000eva2000 Member
    edited October 2017

    Interesting to contrast that with how Cloudflare are now able to offer unmetered DDOS mitigation

  • Thanks for the translation.

  • @eva2000 said:
    Interesting to contrast that with how Cloudflare are now able to offer unmetered DDOS mitigation

    Cloudflare's "DDoS protection" only protects 80, 8080, 8880, 2052, 2082, 2086, 2095, 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096 and 8443 - anything else (such as ddosing your mail infrastructure) won't be ddos protected unless you buy the enterprise plan which costs an arm and a leg - where they'll actually offer you IP protection.

    CloudFlare's "free" "ddos protection", also comes from the fact that CloudFlare gets funding for building an anti-ddos/WAF/CDN infrastructure - if their funding stops eventually, then sure they'll probably start charging money for all their customers ;)

    If you're a company receiving a lot of funding, it doesn't mean the services are free, it just means someone else than the customers are currently paying for it.

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  • Yeah indeed true @Zerpy

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  • hostdarehostdare Member, Patron Provider

    Plus cloudflare operates in the bulkest of the bulk possible as they are specialized in ddos and security , so they have good deals and capacity to handle attacks . We are using paid versions and I am sure many are subscribing to the paid versions of it .

  • What about the 250Mbps special SP-64 servers then? Will they be surcharged as 1Gbps?

  • @allnetstore said:
    What about the 250Mbps special SP-64 servers then? Will they be surcharged as 1Gbps?

    Yes, because it's a server with 1 gigabit link, but 250 megs guaranteed.

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