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zPanel Install $5
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zPanel Install $5

shovenoseshovenose Member, Provider
edited January 2013 in Offers

I'll install zPanel 10 on your CentOS 6 VPS for $5.


  • If you post on their forums, Bobby (lead programmer) does installs for free occasionally.

  • Really? Someone is money hungry! There is already auto installers on the official zPanel website that do it for you and have a video guide for some of them.

  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Provider

    :) Tried Fiverr, nobody even looked at it.
    I've been happy to do it for free for my customers should they need it, but hey if somebody can't really figure out how to do it, then $5 is a trouble-free way for it to get it working :)

  • Is this for a client of yours?

  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Provider

    @Spencer: I'm confused what you are asking.

  • VictorVictor Member
    edited January 2013

    Paying someone $5 to copy+paste some command and run the auto installer? No ty.

  • Is that hard to install zpanel? :o

  • LESLES Member

    @budingyun said: Is that hard to install zpanel? :o

    No (auto install and upgrade script)

  • lol.
    sorry its like ill fart in your mouth if u pay me 10$..

  • if you can`t install zPanel you should not own a vps to begin with.

  • have patience, you'll get order i believe..
    some ppl get vps with no idea even to install os using solus :P

  • TheHackBoxTheHackBox Member
    edited January 2013

    So you're honestly telling me I should pay you to install software on my VPS that has vulnerabilities in it?

  • While this may not be the place to get a large amount of people paying for the install of something, there will always be someone lazy enough to pay it.

    You would be surprised to find out what people will pay you to do because they are scared or lazy. Look at people who take a computer to a store for a virus removal when most of the time they just put in a bootdisk, scan and click fix. Heck the home user could almost get as much done installing a free av scanner and spyware scanner.

    I say this not to defend or oppose anyone in this thread but only to say I have seen money paid for the craziest things that even a monkey would do the sign language for "freakin' eazy."

  • kotakomputerkotakomputer Member
    edited February 2013

    People know CPanel very much rather than ZPanel, a $5 very cheap IMHO, because after installer people will ask:

    • what is the admin url?
    • what is the root password for mysql?
    • why i can not login as root? they think as "root" not as "zadmin"
    • how to create a reseller? where is file manager? why i can not use account prefix for mysql?

    I offer free copy paste link for Zpanel installation instruction, but wil charge $225 if client want me to install it for him/her.

    Please note while my post being posting, the says:

    Configuration & How-to’s: While we are still migrating the documentation from our ‘planet’ website, please visit our planet site to read and browse the documentation.

    Those were why $5 very cheap, instead I offer $225.

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