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Verelox review
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Verelox review

borgqueenxborgqueenx Member
edited March 2016 in Reviews

So here i am going to make a review regarding the provider Verelox. My old provider Rockbelthost started off great, but quickly started getting small issueses like downtime and crashes. But the last full month it has been a nightmare of restarts, their own website going down etc. Right now rockbelthost's website is completely down for already quite some time and i was tired of all the drama so i decided to go for verelox. the fun thing is, that i already had verelox in mind when i wanted to go to rockbelthost and it was a close call for me.

First impressions

First off, i would like to mention something bad. Their sales email address seems to be fully ignored. i try emailing them there but NEVER get a reply when i asked them about a custom plan.

Anyhow, i begon my adventure with verelox after checking out other VPS's on the market.(even though the 2 emails were ignored). They had a live chat i noticed later so i went to check if there was a person at home.... (if not i would seek something else for sure, already had slight alarm bells tingling)
My first impression were a quick and helpful live chat, a clean & simple but informative website and thats when i decided to order a package. First i needed to dump some money into the verelox account (you prepay the servers, they charge you per hour). after that i could select the server to spin it up! BUT.......i couldnt spin it up! Apparantly they were out of stock for both france and dutch servers. all packages! wuuuuut? i was kind of badly surprised seeing i just paid 12 euro into my account to get a VPS. but support handled it quickly and got me some new stock for getting a VPS on the same day, with the exact package i wanted! yay!
So my VPS was finally started and i got some managed support with it.

And so our adventure begins

The managed support takes care of migration upgrades and issueses and they are fast and friendly in their replies....and did i mention they only ask 0,01 euro per hour for managed support? thats 7,20 euro per month for managed support. yes. 7 euro!!!
Anyhow i love that since i do not have alot of knowledge about linux and VPN's. They were quick in migration but not everything came through. some things were not installed yet and settings were not saved to i had to copy them over. And that's were this review has to end for the moment unfortunatly! Right now we are in the process of making my websites work again, as right now they are giving me a test page even though it should work.

So here is the Con and Pro list!


  • Their sales email address seems to be abandoned.
  • Be sure to ask for stock before you pay money into your account.


  • 7,20 euro for managed support per month.
  • Fast and friendly live chat and ticket responses.
  • Very good prices for vps's with 1gbps connection and ovh's anti-ddos pro solution.
  • They are looking like professionals and seem to be professionals. (instead of all these one-man businesses who look cheap and all kind of the same)
  • Incoming bandwidth is free.

To be continued in reply's below!


  • duh, 1 day review?

  • Yeah their support is crazy nice, shame they got rid of unlimited bandwidth some time back and seem quiet on LET

  • a review thats not done yet :)

    @century1stop said:
    duh, 1 day review?

    yes i have to agree with that as well, i first actually tried to contact them here but they seem to be gone from here. That's fine though, as long as they won't be gone from their own website :P

    @linuxthefish said:
    Yeah their support is crazy nice, shame they got rid of unlimited bandwidth some time back and seem quiet on LET

  • a small update: I am under DDOS attack as i also was when i was on rockbelthost. Managed support is helping me solve the problem, but im disappointed that OVh's anti-ddos solution does not seem to be doing anything at all about this.

  • century1stopcentury1stop Member
    edited March 2016

    it's possible there's a bug in your system, migrated from your old vps

  • No managed support confirms its a ddos attack that is causing heavy load that makes processes crash.

  • borgqueenx said: im disappointed that OVh's anti-ddos solution does not seem to be doing anything at all about this.

    OVH's ddos protection is more of a system to stop you getting nullrouted than preventing packet loss and keeping you online - it's best you think of it as just that.

    If you can identify the port being attacked and it's not being used for anything, get them to apply firewall rules at OVH. Works great for simple stuff (attacks on unused ports, udp attack on tcp port)

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