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Reclaim some of these IPV4's!
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Reclaim some of these IPV4's!

eastoncheastonch Member
edited November 2012 in General


I've recently been pondering, who the hell is using all of these IPv4s?!

Seems a bit silly.


  • Extremely silly, and then RIPE does problems with allocating IPv4.

  • @zafouhar reclaiming these forcefully is not possible, and even if it was - it would only postpone the problem with a few months.

  • The UK dept of labor ( or something ) also has an /8

    There was a thread on nanog a while ago about it.

  • Yup, Dept. of labor needs 16M Ips...

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    @eastonch said: Yup, Dept. of labor needs 16M Ips...

    And I barely have 400 ;/

  • 24khost24khost Member
    edited November 2012

    They need ip's to track thier slaves! <- Damn Brit's

  • AshAsh Member
    edited November 2012

  • @eastonch said: Yup, Dept. of labor needs 16M Ips...

    Well, each unemployed youth needs one, so, go figure...

  • Most of the big worthless allocations are legacy, there are lots of them. It's not like this is some new paradigm that was just discovered. The logistics of partial reclamation can be a bear, especially when usage is spread across the entirety of huge nets.

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