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Question about network speed / bandwidth on a VPS.
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Question about network speed / bandwidth on a VPS.

IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep


Regarding VPS some of you prefer 1gb limited than 100mb unmetered.
Can you confirm me this preference is du to the fact the owner prefers download files quickly or there is another reason like i dunno there is not only one person using the server etc...

I'd like to know your opinion.



  • exception0x876exception0x876 Member, Host Rep

    also there is a smaller chance of node internet connection being overloaded on 1gb limited than 100mb unmetered.

  • I'd rather prefer a unmetered 100 Mbit/s than a limited 1 Gbit/s.

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  • For dedicated I always feel 100mbit unmetered is enough, for vps prefer metered 1 gbit shared.

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  • It depends the limit of he 1Gbit, sometimes i dont use too much bw but i want things fast.

    or like torrents, i can cap script to 5Mb/s and leave them to download files.

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  • @teknolaiz said:
    I'd rather prefer a unmetered 100 Mbit/s than a limited 1 Gbit/s.

    ^^^^ this

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  • rds100rds100 Member
    edited January 2016

    Most people would prefer a 10Gbps unmetered, for free. That being said you can't please them all.

  • 1Gbit but depends on the limit...

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    The question is not "if" but "why" you guys prefer 1 Gbit.

    @rds100 you're right but it may be interesting to understand why some users need 1gb.

  • Why? because it's faster nothing else.

  • deployvmdeployvm Member, Host Rep

    Personally, I prefer 100Mbps unmetered.
    It really depends on my use. Having reasonable speeds (not less than 100Mbps) and unmetered use is an excellent offer.

    If there is a need for higher utilisation at certain points in time, then 1Gbps with limited traffic is suitable!

  • tomletomle Member, LIR

    I don't use a lot of traffic but if I need to download something I don't want to wait, that's why I prefer 1Gbps limited over 100Mps unlimited.
    Of course it depends on you usage pattern.

  • 100Mbps might be for a special case usage, like for when people want to host files or run a Tor relay. 1Gbit metered will be better for most people and will make benchmarks look much better anyway, but an option between the 2 would be nice.

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  • The higher speed the nicer, faster. Less waiting

  • I prefer 1 gigabit limited (can handle more concurrent connections).

  • Or 100 mbit, with 100 GB of burst/gigabit

  • it really depends on what the person will use it for. A 100mb unmetered can work well for a website with lots of traffic, which could use up it's bandwidth pretty quickly. But the 1gb port can be used for downloading quicker, and it also makes more concurrent connections possible. They both got their pros and cons, just depends what they will use it for

  • If it's a dedicated connection, I'm happy with 100Mbps, even if it's not unlimtied. But a shared connection, I would prefer 1Gbps + since there could be times when lots of people use the connection at once and with a 100Mbps connection, it will be barely usable. In other words, more space for the "burst".

    And the other factors like others have mentioned, it's always better to get it done faster. But again, depends on the usage, either could be preferred in different situations.

  • NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran

    Gigabit metered to what? 500GB of bandwidth are not the same than 30TB.

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  • In many countries normal VDSL/cable/fiber home connections already reach 100 Mbit/s or more. Having a connection on a server that can barely fulfil the downloadspeed of one single home connection is just not enough.

  • MicrolinuxMicrolinux Member
    edited January 2016

    Speed is an absolute thing, you either need more than 100Mbps, or you don't. It's not like there is a lot of mystery as to why you would opt for 1Gbps.

  • RIYADRIYAD Member, Host Rep

    Some provider offers 100mbps unmetered or 20TB metered over 1gbps . So I would go for metered . But if it like 5TB bw over a gbps and 100mb unmetered I would go for 100mbps

  • always would prefer 1Gbps metered if it comes with a reasonable amount of bw like 1-2 TB)
    if you have to move some GB fast between servers its good to be able to burst the connection for speed rather then to wait hours on 100 MBit...
    sure I understand the need for some people pushing much traffic, so they would rather go for limited speed but unmetered bw. (reminds me on the latest poll of how much bw we're using...)

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep
    edited January 2016

    It's interesting while i created the topic i was pretty sure most af the answers would be users explaining why they want 1gb and i realise some really want this and some other are happy with 100mb(unmetered).

    @cidero i see your point.

  • lifehomelifehome Member
    edited January 2016

    @Ikoula 1Gbps limited to what? Mostly I would want 1Gbps as I do stream videos and medias, however if VPS in HK, I rather have 100Mbps unmetered than 1Gbps metered. Because there is literally no providers(1 only, and have bad experience with'em) are willing to do 100Mbps unmetered.

    Some even provide 1-5Mbps... D:

  • albertdbalbertdb Member
    edited January 2016

    1Gbps with no extra cost up to 100Mbps monthly average (~33TB). That usually beats any other offer.

  • Depends on use-case. I don't think most people using a vps alone push 1TB in general, so a 1Gbit line with 1-5TB traffic beats 100mbps unlimited.

    Otherwise, 100Mbps unmetered can beat limited 1gbit offers.

    Depends on your needs.

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    @lifehome limited to i dunno i did not thought about it, the idea was to know if most of the users wanted 1gbs and why.

  • @Ikoula said:
    lifehome limited to i dunno i did not thought about it, the idea was to know if most of the users wanted 1gbs and why.

    Thoughts: The best IMO is 1Gbps for 3TB metered(as an example), then cap at 100Mbps unmetered for further bursting. More like a FUP policy.

  • Many VPS are used for web serving, games, chat. In that case, neither speed nor bw are important. Responsiveness is. The same goes for disks (speed, capacity vs access time).
    The speed should be inversely proportional to the transferred amount. AFAIK, no provider has implemented this.

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  • hawchawc Moderator, LIR

    Yes, I agree with @hostingwizard_net I would focus on reducing latency rather than adding bandwidth.

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