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What do you think about this template?
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What do you think about this template?

The template is the following:

What is your opinion guys?


  • Maybe it's just my machine, but the scrolling is terribly slow and doesn't trigger events. Works fine if I click the little down arrows.

    As far as design - seems like a fair "who am I" introduction. Personally, I would prefer a break between the full-width pictures - a bar, something scrolling at a different rate, some white space, some element that isn't a big dark picture. We do eventually get to that at the end, but scrolling without the arrows takes so long to get there.

    Thanked by 1nagug
  • mailcheapmailcheap Member, Host Rep

    Nice layout; tad too many animations for my taste but works smoothly on Chrome 54/55.

  • Html5up templates are beautiful, and that's all. If you want more realistic opinions, you should explain what you are trying to accomplish.

  • I'm not a big fan of things that don't load instantly, this took 6 seconds, but I must say that it looks nice and it works flawlessly here.

  • oneilonlineoneilonline Member, Host Rep

    Had no issues loading. Looks ordinary, nothing special here.

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Patron Provider

    It looks snazzy-ish, but the user experience is awful. I don't want to have to wait two seconds for a pointless animation to finish, before I can read the content I tried to scroll towards.

  • Only the person using the animations likes them. Users don't.

  • Template is good.It is neat and clean.It is useful if your site contains less information as it is single page template.Template having social site linking which is a good thing.The little issue with this template is its background images, you should take extra care about their size as they play important role in website loading time.

  • needs more embedded html5 video !important playing midi files

    Thanked by 2Admiral_Awesome imok
  • It's visually nice, but I prefer sites that are simple, static, and fast.

  • for some reasons i never liked html5up work

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