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cheap local kvm for local voip server in berlin
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cheap local kvm for local voip server in berlin

clevergirlclevergirl Member
edited December 2016 in Requests

need primarily high network stability at extra low latency towards my DT DSL in berlin.

no high bandwidth, cpu, ram, hdd needed. so i expect it to be rather cheap.
i will test latency via ip: should be about 5ms for berlin region peering.


  • bersybersy Member
    edited December 2016

    clevergirl said: need primarily high network stability

    clevergirl said: no high bandwidth, cpu, ram, hdd needed. so i expect it to be rather cheap.

    I suppose that's not going to happen at LET price tag.

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    Try ovh sip services as they are available in EU only

  • cheapest directly in berlin i know is

    other one is in görlitz (~210 km away)

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  • Check out Strato Rechenzentrum:

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  • clevergirlclevergirl Member
    edited December 2016

    btw, right now i have a kimsufi at ovh, which has very stable network, but sadly is 16ms away from here. i'd like to "downgrade" to a lower latency, but only if it's cheap :)

    i'm not sure i'm pinging the right addresses, just trying out their website's ip: speedloc first seems to go to frankfurt and back, not quite what i need from DT Telekom.

    i'm looking at strato but their website is 15ms away. it seems to be a big service though, is there a way to test an actual VPS ip? otoh goes via syseleven which seems to have capacity with telekom in berlin directly, quite impressive, but the lowest vps is quite expensive. the only good deals seem to be the colocation :)

    is there other cheaper service that also uses syseleven in berlin?

    if somebody has test ips that would be appreciated :)

  • There are some datacenters in Berlin/Hamburg. This company got a contract with a dc in berlin.
    check out their business offers they are better than their private ones I think.

  • teamaccteamacc Member
    edited December 2016

    You could try hetzner with the 4.20 euro DTAG addon

    Not berlin though, but should be reasonably low ping. Getting 15ms from my non-DTAG hetzner box.

  • @clevergirl

    you could try to contact net-spacy for a custom offer. some leb with yearly or half yearly payment with low specs

    same with speedloc and ask if its possible to tweak the routing

  • I just realized net-spacy has only xen.
    the hetzner peering thing is really funny, but as i remember they don't operate any datacenters near berlin. average latency will be higher than necessarry in this case.

    i forgot to mention, i also have a ramnode for about 1 euro/month, but in the netherlands.

    i would also be fine using my university's service which is obviously in the same city. the problem is that their DFN network peers only in frankfurt with DT.

  • Small company with good prices and fast support, had Webspace and Reseller Space for Mails and Hosting several years and was always working, write them for some special offer, if it not fits your needs.

    Hosting in Level 3 Mesh Berlin

  • You should may look for a national solution instead of a regional. Sometimes I have a lower latency to servers in SWE or NL than to local servers.

  • Layc, where do you find VOIP providers in these various countries? I remember looking around and being able to find only US, France, and maybe UK. I thought maybe the PTT's controlled the show too much in other countries.

  • @clevergirl Why do you need such a low latency server? Surely whatever provider you are buying minutes from is more relevant, as you are just in the signaling path, not the media path usually (unless you are proxying media for some reason).

  • You could also just use a free SIP Provider

  • To me it's unfortunate having to go anywhere via frankfurt as i had planned to operate a local rtpproxy.

    anyway, a lot of time is wasted on the interleaving of these DT DSL uplinks, completely unnecesarry if you ask me: 16ms to first hop.

    it's not possible to get much time back obviously ;)

    i also tried ramnode now, which is 11ms from frankfurt, or 11+7=18ms from DT in berlin and at least dirt-cheap. In total I get to 18+16=34ms RTT.
    Same as ovh, hehe.

    Net-spacy would offer less than 1ms latency from DT in Berlin, which means 16ms total RTT, definitely preferable. Best possible latency: half of what ovh or ramnode can deliver (so twice as good, lol)
    I also checked the peering of net-spacy with DFN (which will also be used from university), going via frankfurt again. If they had a <1 Euro kvm with128MB RAM or so I'd be interested. But as they don't offer kvm at all I'll pass for now.

    Perhaps something will become available in the future :)

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