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Xen VPS as an alternative to Dedicated Server?
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Xen VPS as an alternative to Dedicated Server?

libro22libro22 Member
edited August 2011 in General

Moving from a reseller hosting, is it good to transfer to a managed xen vps hosting with at least 4gb ram and 4cores allocated? Most websites are not cpu intensive but rather bandwidth and disk space conscious. Number of sites vary from 50-100.

Average disk space per website: 1gb
Average monthly bandwidth per website: 2.5gb

Please reply with your opinion.

Thank you :)


  • That should be good, but keep in mind that the CPU is shared and if you all of a sudden need a lot of CPU power you might need a dedicated server.

  • 4GB RAM and 50GB-100GB disk space would have got you pretty big share of a dedicated server. You'll probably find similar priced VPS would give you more resources on a server-grade hardware than a dedicated server -- except some resources are shared. I'll go with the VPS for sure.

  • ^^ Agreed.. About the dedicated server comment .. It's all about what kind of commitment level is running on the host. Stay away from "rack and pack" and your going to be fine.

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