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Unneeded Daemons on OpenVZ
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Unneeded Daemons on OpenVZ

I'm new to OpenVZ, and I'm wondering which services are unneeded on an OpenVZ container versus baremetal or under a hypervisor. Also, which services should I be running that solve problems unique to containers?

I'm used to baremetal or a hypervisor (KVM, VBox, ESX), and I'm finding there are somethings containers don't need. For instance, I've figured out I don't need to run an NTP daemon.

Normally, I run haveged for entropy and irqbalance to balance interrupts on multiproc systems, but do I need to run these in a container? Haveged throws an error for what it's worth.

I thought I would reach out to the community to see what they say. :)

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